Weed Muffins

Weed Muffins

Have you ever wanted to have a weed muffin? This article will teach you how to make weed muffins. You can add bananas, chocolate chips, or anything else that tastes good in a muffin. The ingredients are simple and easy to find at the grocery store: eggs, flour, sugar, baking powder, and butter. Get out your mixer because we’re going to need it!

What is a weed muffin?

Muffins are usually associated with sweet and mouth-watering flavors like blueberry, chocolate chip, or banana. But what do you think of when you hear the word weed? Probably not a muffin, but if you’ve never tried one before then it may be time to give it a chance!

Weed muffins are a cannabis-infused food product that combines the flavors of sweet, savory, and spicy. This type of dish is typically used as a vehicle for THC or CBD extraction to provide medicinal benefits without smoking or vaping.

weed muffins

The delicious, sweet, and savory treat that’s a favorite among stoners everywhere. When you’re baked out of your mind on weed, it can be hard to find the motivation to cook or eat anything other than chips and cookies. But these muffins are perfect for those times when all you want is something warm and comforting in your stomach before bedtime.

Why should you eat weed muffins?

Weed is becoming more and more popular in America as people are getting educated on its medicinal values. Weed can help with anxiety, chronic pain, and even PTSD! It’s no surprise that it can also make your food taste better.

Marijuana muffins are a delicious way to get baked on the go. Loaded with butter, eggs, and sugar, these treats will make you feel like your eating something good for yourself- but do they have any nutritional value?

Recipes for making weed muffins 

Ingredients for making weed muffins

– cup of all-purpose flour

– teaspoon baking powder

– pinch salt

– tablespoon sugar (or honey)

– tablespoon sesame or olive oil – optional, but recommended for richness and flavor. I use both! 

Decoration: strawberries and blueberries to top the muffins off. You can add little dark chocolate shavings on top too if you’re feeling indulgent. They’ll melt into your muffin as it bakes giving you something extra sweet in every bite! The decoration is totally up to you though because these weed muffins are so yummy without anything added at all. But why not glam them up? Be creative with what’s around your kitchen! There are no rules.

Cannabis Banana Muffins (makes 12)


  • ¾ cup all-purpose flour 
  • ⅛ teaspoon baking powder 
  • ½ tablespoon sugar (or honey), optional pinch of salt 
  • ¼ tablespoon sesame or olive oil – optional 
  • ⅛ cup cannabis butter or coconut oil 

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Mix dry ingredients with the oil and mix until just combined. 

Mash up a banana in the bowl too, it’s delicious! Add vanilla extract or honey if desired for sweetness – I usually add both because that sugar is lacking without adding anything else sweet. You can also use mashed bananas instead of an egg but this will make your muffin more dense than cakey so keep that in mind when making weed muffins banana style. 

Whisk together one whole large egg and one small ripe mashed banana (or ½ scoop protein powder) then pour into the flour mixture and stir until blended well enough to form a dough ball, fork should come out clean. 

Scoop dough into muffin pan and bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until golden brown on top. Let cool in the pan before transferring to a wire rack with a spatula. 

weed muffins

Items needed: Bowl, spoon, measuring cups/spoons, whisk (or egg beater), baking tray (if you don’t have space for 12 muffins)

I’m not going to make weed muffins banana style because I want them fluffy like cake frosting so they’re easier to eat and digest if anything ever goes wrong! It’s also much more delicious this way than that dense kind of texture my head is picky about but at least this recipe will still work no matter what your preferences are because I made it so that you can just use any type of ingredient!

Tools needed: Baking tray, muffin cups (or silicone cupcake/muffin pan), a small bowl to whisk in, and some paper liners. 

Let’s get started with what’s the first thing we need to do? We have to measure out our ingredients because there are going to be 12 weed muffins so if your baking sheet only has space for six then you’ll want half as much oil or sugar – things like that should go into consideration but most importantly is remember which size pans you’re using. This will help make sure everything turns out right and this recipe doesn’t end up too dry or soggy on one side compared to the other.

Once you have your ingredients measured out it’s time to mix them! This is the fun part that most people don’t get to see because they’re not there when the baking happens but I’m here for you so just stick with me and we’ll get through this together. For starters, add some oil into a bowl with an egg – whisk until mixed thoroughly then pour in the sugar followed by milk if you want chocolate weed muffins now would be the time to break open those dark cocoa packets and start adding them in too but first let’s focus on one thing at a time alright? The next ingredient will depend on what type of weed muffin mixture we are going for so either keep reading or scroll down to see what I recommend for this recipe.

The risks of eating a weed muffin 

For most people, weed is a recreational drug used to relax and get high. But for some, it’s just an herb they like to use in their cooking. For these people, the risk of eating a weed muffin might be more than they bargained for.

The fact that weed edibles are getting more popular in states where marijuana is legal, but not regulated can be concerning. What if you accidentally eat a weed muffin? Well, there are some risks associated with that, and it’s important to know what they are before eating any of these treats.

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