Weed games free

Weed games free

Almost all smartphone owners use various applications for their phone and tablets, and, of course, everyone wants to choose the best ones, especially if it’s about games. In this case, the consumer is in search of an excellent gameplay, bewitching plot and excellent graphics.

The modern market does not slumber and relentlessly pleases its customers with new and unusual applications.

Weed Firm 2: Back to College – in this game, you will play in the role of a young man who has very good knowledge of botany. You will need to apply his knowledge and enterprise to grow a few varieties of marijuana and sell them. Choose buyers wisely, because someone can surrender you to cops! Cultivate marijuana, collect money and buy more and more valuable varieties of this herb.
Grow only the right “grass”, which will be in demand in the market, sell it only to the best customers who will not hand you over to the cops.
Take up selling this real buzz, stand on the dangerous path. Plant new varieties and expand your business. Trade in all states and carefully sweep tracks. Advance in the field of trade and start growing mushrooms. Go beyond and start trading in the whole universe.

Weed Shop for Android and iOS devices is a pretty cool app where players have to grow their hemp and sell it exclusively for medical purposes. At first, you store will be empty. It has a special room where you can grow your own varieties of drugs. Water, take care for it and do everything possible if the only hemp was of better quality.

After all, competition in such a market is very high. If you produce quality grass, then soon more and more buyers will come to you. In your room, everything is arranged and you can live here. Free purchases are available in the app. With their help, you can afford any sort of marijuana, and it will also give you the opportunity to purchase the most important items and tools.

If all the other games are boring, and the autumn melancholy does not give a smile, then this application will help at least a little brighten up the gray routine. With the help of the program, you can try your hand at being able to twist the “joint”, and then light it with the built-in microphone.

Also, no one will prevent the bulb from “stirring up”. And all this is allowed to be done under meditative music in the style of reggae. Most importantly, that for such smoking nobody will knock at the door and will not demand to present documents. Authentic management is attached.

Graphics and sound
Strangely enough, but the graphic component of the game looks quite good. The objects are well detailed, and the picture itself is voluminous. To smoke the “grass” is allowed in several locations: a gateway, a forest, a tropical island.

The environment is well developed and done qualitatively. The application is wonderfully optimized, which allows it to work perfectly even on not the most powerful devices. There are several musical compositions. The soundtrack was well chosen.

Pot Farm – Grass Roots – is quite an original application, which can be attributed to the genre of the farm. However, this time you do not have to plant wheat or corn, grow cows or sheep, you will have to establish a legitimate cultivation and sale of marijuana. To do this, you must create a real farm, hire employees and specialists. In addition, for greater coverage of the market, you can bake confectionery, negotiate with medical institutions and of course, just sell.

Start your business with several plants and grow more and more each time. But you need to be careful because your successful business can be prevented by a spider mite that kills your crops and plants. Sell as much marijuana as possible and purchase special tools for this money that will make it easier for you to work and make your bushes more enduring to different conditions. Find new customers among your friends from social networks and sell them the necessary goods.
Develop your own farm and be the best businessman in such a market. The application is completely free and very interesting.

We bring to your attention the game-farm on a somewhat unusual and controversial topic. The game is devoted to the topic of drugs, and the player will have to grow the most real marijuana and build a giant empire to grow these useful and important plants for human development.

The main character of the game is an obvious rastaman who does not want anything. He only lies under a tree and smokes the jambs that the player grows for him. He is dressed, by the way, according to rastaman’s multi-colored fashion. In general, his life was a success because he has such an assistant, as a player.

The graphics in the game are pleasant, but nothing more. The main thing is that there are funny characters to deal with: trade with them, communicate, receive various tasks from them. The plants are quite well traced.

The goals of the player in this game are the same as in most game farms. First of all, this is the development of our own economy from scratch. The main source of income for the local economy is the cultivation and trade of cannabis. However, in addition to this plant, it will be necessary to grow other crops. The player will have to break the beds, plant plants on them, and build various buildings that will help to earn more.

BudTrimmer HD is a game similar to FruitNinja with its graphics and gameplay. The only difference is that instead of fruits you cut the bumps of marijuana.
What the creators of the game thought about was unclear, but cutting the cones of marijuana turned out to be very entertaining and original. First, you will be asked to grow this marijuana, after which you will be given a dagger and asked to cut the poor plant to pieces. For cutting grass, you can use a variety of knives.
Of course, unlike the FruitNinja, there is not that abundance of colors but in general, the graphics remained the same pleasant.

  1. Two game modes: single and multiplayer.
  2. After the required number of points is set, additional levels will be opened.

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