Wally OG Cannabis Strain

Wally OG is a notorious marijuana strain known for its cameo in the 2013 THC classic in Colorado, where it is recognized for having extraordinarily high THC levels of 24.5 percent on average, as revealed in its genetics. Although less experienced smokers should take it easy on the dosage, this strain creates a relaxing and chilled out atmosphere.

The THC levels in these extremely dense, spade-shaped nuggets remain fairly constant at 25% to provide a powerful and heady high to users. Though this is a cross between two strains, the impacts tend to lean more toward the indica side, giving it a sleepy effect that goes against its focus. The scents are robust and herbaceous with berry notes, while the aromas tend to be more floral and spicy. To complement the alluring color palette, the neon green buds are dusted with orange hairs and crystal white trichomes.

While the Wally OG high is initially quite zesty and inventive, after just a few short minutes, the body weight tends to overpower the head high’s flightiness, making you feel too drowsy to accomplish much. If you’ve smoked this strain early in the evening after a long day, it’ll bring you an excellent relaxing nightcap. The heat that floods throughout your entire body helps to relax any pains or tension away, making you feel great come morning.

Wally OG is a cross between Ghost OG and Phantom OG, with a slight Indica influence and well-balanced effects. As it becomes cerebral and soothing, this Bud makes you feel from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

Greenhouse 7 is a robust hybrid that offers plenty of energy, flavor and smell. It was bred from the famous Greenhouse 1 Kush. This strain is extra buttery and delicious, and it’s known for it– Its tastes and fragrance are enough to persuade you to smoke it. Wally OG has a very calm and simple high that becomes an immediate favorite for many users since

Wally OG Effects

Wally OG creates a very interesting high that will make you feel supremely relaxed if nothing else. This bud is all about conjuring up those happy emotions that we keep hidden at times, and you will feel thoroughly soothed and invigorated at the same time when smoking the strain.

The way to use it is to consume it 30 minutes before going to bed. It’s excellent for making you feel sleepy, so take it in the evening when you have nothing else planned but sleep. Wally OG will inspire you and give you fresh inspiration, and if you’re an artist or a musician, this bud may cause you to come up with new ideas.

With Wally OG, you may stay more focused for longer, and you will feel more centered and clearheaded with its assistance. This strain is all about feeling good about oneself, but if you’ve had too much, it might be a little cloying on the body.


Wally OG is a tremendous scented strain, and once you’ve opened it, you’ll be greeted by its powerful herbal and spice scent. Its fragrance practically stinks of dirtiness and sweetness, making you lightheaded with excitement as soon as you smell it.


Wally OG on the inhale will taste like a dream– It’s flowery and buttery flavors will melt in your mouth, and it’s smoke will taste like a mix of sweetness and spices. On the exhale, you will notice how fruity and flowery this strain is as it leaves your tongue stained in its flavor.

Adverse Reaction

Wally OG has a number of negative effects, one of which is that it can be quite hefty and powerful as a smoke. You’re likely to get the impression that your mouth is extremely parched, and this, coupled with dry and scratchy eyes, will make them feel uncomfortable.

However, you can expect a headache when smoking this strain, especially if combined with feelings of thirst. The Wally OG may make you feel dizzy for a while in the middle of your high and at times you may even become nervous.

Wally OG Medical

The Wally OG cannabis strain is a medical wonder. This crossbreed has several advantages that make it an excellent medical marijuana strain. Chronic headaches, especially those in the more severe categories, might benefit from this hybrid. Although CBD may help with other severe pains, it is particularly effective in treating migraines, back aches and muscular spasms.

If you’re battling chronic and severe insomnia, this bud may be able to rock you slowly into sleep and keep you there for longer. Wally OG can help you sleep through the night without interruption because your sleep will be deep and restorative.

Wally OG can significantly reduce your stress levels if you have chronic stress disorders, and it will allow you to think more clearly and less anxiously. If you’re experiencing cramps or menstrual cramps, this strain is great at relieving them.


Wally OG is a forgiving strain that can be grown by both novices and veterans, and it’s simple to maintain. This bond prefers a warm, dry outdoor environment and is resistant to most common walls and mildew.

Wally OG cultivated from seeds indoors may produce around 12 ounces per square meter when allowed to mature, and it should be ready for harvesting around 8 p.m. tonight weeks after planting. Wally OG grown outside should be ready for harvest around the middle of October, yielding an estimated 14 ounces per plant. Have you ever smoked or produced your own Wally OG? Please let me know your thoughts on this marijuana strain in the comments below.

Wally OG is a great selection for outdoor growers who live in warm or moderate conditions. Wally OG has a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks, with an average yield of 12 ounces per square meter maintained in warm and temperate climates. Because Wally OG grows quite tall, if you don’t have enough room for a complete bloom, pruning or greenhouse cultivation should be done. Heavily affected areas are susceptible to mold and mildew attacks.

Wally OG is a great choice for an end-of-evening chill session. It’s a shareable strain that makes everyone in the room feel calm and cheerful. The world’s first CBD-infused hybrid, however, the Paradise OG is a cross between an Indica and Sativa plant. That means it lacks some of the characteristics that distinguish indicas from other cannabis strains. It also has a high THC content for those that smoke recreationally or want to avoid being arrested. The Paradise OG strain produces huge yields of buds with subtle flavors—just what you need if you’re a solo smoker (and many prefer it this way). Take away your worries with a bit of this treasure and let everything melt away.

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