The Blackwater Cannabis Strain

Wisteria is a fragrant, sweet-scented flower. Its fragrance has been compared to that of a fruity and earthy grape. Despite its fruitiness, though, this bud has a lemony flavor and a pine aftertaste. It can also help you relax your mind and fall asleep quickly, which is great for ins

The Blackwater strain is now widely used recreationally, having previously been recognized for its medical advantages. It may be named after the notorious security firm Blackwater Security Consulting (formerly Academi), best known for the Nisour Square Massacre in Baghdad in September 2007.

The firm was incorporated in 2005 and opened its doors to the public on September 15. The founder is Paul Cianci, a former governor of Providence who resigned after being indicted for corruption and racketeering by federal authorities in 2002. This company started a number of businesses that are still operational today. In 2006, Blackwater was sold to an Australian private

What Is the Blackwater Strain?

The Blackwater strain is a cross of San Fernando Valley Kush and Mendocino Purps. In 2014, it took third place in the indica category at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. The Cali Connection developed it, and both parent strains are recognized for being potent, high-quality indicas.

There’s no doubting that Blackwater is a powerful indica with a strong high. However, unless you overindulge or are a novice with a low tolerance, it shouldn’t be too much. Some people report feeling disoriented after taking the drug, and claim that it makes them feel totally spaced out.

Some users also complain that the high peaks after a few minutes and doesn’t last long enough for their liking. The high generally lasts for about two hours in total, but it tapers off quickly after only a few minutes.

If you take a large dose, you’ll most likely feel drowsy. Blackwater’s sedative, soporific qualities make it best for late-evening usage.


Blackwater is a powerful-scented marijuana strain that’s difficult to disguise! When burned, it has an earthy scent with a sweet grape aroma that envelops the user. This strain has prominent undertones of pine and lemon as well.


The flavor is mouth-watering if the fragrance tantalizes. Earthy berry notes are also present in Blackwater, as well as pine and lemon undertones. Sweet and sour tastes linger on the tongue when you exhale. In general, you should have a smoother smoke than normal from an indica.


When cultivated in the proper conditions, Blackwater’s buds have a delicate hint of purple. Although the buds themselves are tiny, the fresh and bright green color is stunning.

Blackwater Strain Grow Info

Once you’ve obtained your Blackwater seeds, you’ll realize that it’s a simple plant to cultivate. Mildew and common molds are resistant to the plants in this strain. Because of its simplicity, this strain is also good for novice growers.

Blackwater is an excellent choice for outdoor growing due to its moderate height requirement and black leaves. The plant can produce around 19 ounces per plant and is ready to harvest by the end of September when cultivated outdoors. Keep the Blackwater plants in a shaded, well-lit location for optimal growth.

Indoor cannabis cultivators will be pleased to learn that Blackwater takes approximately nine weeks to flower. These plants deliver a good return of up to 16 ounces per square meter planted, according to statistics. With its lovely purple flecks on the buds, it’s easy to produce your own beautiful version of Blackwater.

The pigment anthocyanin is present in the purple hues of ‘Purple Haze.’ This colorant gives blueberries and eggplants their rich, deep colors. Anthocyanin is often hidden behind stronger pigments in chlorophyll during the summer. During the fall, as the green pigments break down, the anthocyanin emerges.

To keep your Blackwater growing, reduce the temperature during the night cycle by a few degrees so that it is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Make sure you don’t decrease it any further because this can result in ‘shock’ for your plant.

To date, tests have revealed that Blackwater’s THC level can range up to 20 percent. While this is far lower than many new hybrids’ potencies, it is still potent enough to cause negative effects if you consume too much of it. 1% CBD is in Blackwater.

Medical Benefits of Blackwater Marijuana

Because of its sedative effects, Blackwater has been used as a medicine for years. Many Blackwater users find that it helps to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain. It may be beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic stress or sadness since to its mood-enhancing and relaxing properties.

This marijuana strain can help with inflammation-related problems such as arthritis. Some Blackwater users claim that it can assist with muscular spasms as well. Given Blackwater’s sedative and sleep-inducing effects, it could aid insomniacs in falling asleep.

Possible Side Effects of Blackwater Weed

Keep in mind that the Blackwater strain has a THC concentration of 20%, which is rather high. Dry and itchy eyes, as well as dehydration, are possible negative indications.

In high doses, this strain might make you dizzy or cause a headache. In rare cases, Blackwater might contribute to anxiety or paranoia. It’s a really sedative variety, so it’s ideal for winding down before bedtime.

Final Thoughts

Blackwater is a powerful sedative and soporific hybrid with significant calming effects. Even though this strain won’t offer you with a long-term buzz, it may help you fall asleep. This is one for nighttime use only.

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