Skin care recipes

Skin care recipes

The ease of making your own cannabis topical oil or cream appeals to many people. One can use any part of the plant: roots, stalks, stems, fan leaves, flowers, resin, extracts, and seeds. Some recipes require heat and some methods involve long curing times to convert the cannabinoid acids into their non-acid formats.

The medicinal qualities of cannabis dissolve into oil or alcohol. You can fine-tune any topical recipe by adding other beneficial ingredients.

Different carrier bases affect bioavailability. For instance, adding water to creams and lotions compel the phytocannabinoids to penetrate the skin, because skin has a higher lipid concentration than the lotion. On the other hand, an infused oil product will want to hold its phytocannabinoids. To maximize benefits, massage infused oils into the skin or poured into warm bath water.

Cannabis Infused Sensual Lavender Body Oil Recipe

Cannabis has had a very long standing reputation in history as an extraordinary aphrodisiac. When smoked or ingested at the right dose it intensifies emotions with the feelings of touch, coaxes the flame of desire, prolongs orgasm, relives physical or emotional pain blockages, loosens the body up, opens the mind to new experiences, and connects partners beyond the physical into the realm of the soul.

Couples that get high together generally stay together as the plant helps to promote a deep seeded bond between individuals. When cannabis is used in conjunction with essential oil therapy the cannabis helps to relax the body topically while the essential oils begin to take hold of the senses to help get one in the mood.

Skin care recipes

This particular recipe calls upon the power of Sandalwood, Rose, and Bergamot essential oils. Sandalwood is used as a base note of this body oil, giving it depth and sensuality. This sexy essential oil is known for its aphrodisiac qualities as it mimics the human pheromone alpha androsterole. Next we have the delicate middle note of Rose which is the heart of this mixture. Rose essential oil is very delicate yet enveloping to the senses. It has the power to arouse an individual while invoking romantic feelings.

Then we have the wonderful light citrus scent of Bergamot rounding out this body oil as a top note. Some of you may recognize this familiar smell in Earl Grey tea or popular body sprays and perfumes. This delicious bouquet of soft citrus relaxes the body, reduces pain, soothes the nerves, and stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin.

But no strain specific recipe can be complete without a strain that compliments the scents of these luscious essential oils and their effects. The strain Lavender is the gorgeous hybrid child of Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani Hawaiian. It has a sweet yet deep floral bouquet with a very sensual spice aromatic undertone. The terpenes of this strain mesh so exotically with the essential oils of this body oil that just breathing deeply from the glass vessel will induce and lull ones brain to a state of bliss.

It isn’t just the smell that is pleasing to the senses, as the effect of this strain will have the body relaxing topically. Your muscles will drift away into relaxation just as your mind is soothed into a state of pleasure. For maximum aphrodisiac effects, I would recommend smoking a joint or eating an edible of the same strain before your massage session to reap the full spectrum of benefits this plant can give to you. Set the lights low, light candles, open the window to the sound of wind through the trees or the creek by your house, and let the experience take you somewhere you have never been before.

Mise en place:

¼ cup Sweet Almond Oil
2 grams fully cured ground Lavender (the strain or another strain with a similar terpene profile)
5 drops Sandalwood essential oil
5 drops Rose essential oil
5 drops Bergamot essential oil


1 sterilized dark colored glass jar
Double boiler


Step 1: In a double boiler add the sweet almond oil and the ground Lavender. Turn your stove to about a 4 on the dial and let this mixture cook for 1 hour. After the time is up, strain through cheesecloth into a dark colored glass jar of your choice. Let this mixture cool completely before going to the next step.

Step 2: Once the carrier oil has cooled completely add in the essential oils of Sandalwood, Rose, and Bergamot. Gently swirl the mixture in a circular motion until the essential oils are incorporated into the carrier oil. If you want a stronger scent, add 10 drops of each essential oil instead (add more carrier oil if you feel that the stronger scented body oil is too strong for sensitive skin).

Step 3: You can your Sensual Lavender Body Oil immediately or you can let it “cure” for 24hrs before using. By letting it cure, the scent of this body oil will deepen to a whole other level. But if you want to use it right away, the essential oils and cannabis will still take your mind and body into another realm of relaxation and arousal. When this product is not being used store in a cool dark place and use within 2 weeks.

Step 4: Enjoy! Use this body oil alone or in combination with edibles or flower for a wild romantic night!

Cannabis Root Salve

One of the more popular posts on this blog is the liniment made from cannabis root. The drawback to using this is that it is so thin you sometimes spill more than you get on you. The solution to this is a salve which is easier to apply. I find that it takes a little longer to take effect than the liniment, but of course makes less mess. I recommend doubling the amount of roots that you would normally use.

Cannabis Root Salve

Start by making an infused oil.


  • Ground dried cannabis roots
  • coconut or olive oil

Place ground dried roots in a crock-pot and cover with coconut or olive oil by an inch or two. Gently heat the mixture over very low heat for 4-5 hours. Allow to cool. Strain and pour into dry sterilized amber bottles. (I like using Worcestershire sauce bottles).


  • 8 oz infused oil
  • 1 oz beeswax
  • vitamin E (as a preservative)
  • 10-20 drops essential oil (optional, I like peppermint)

Place infused oils and beeswax over a double boiler and warm over low heat until the wax melts.  Turn off the heat and add the essential oil and vitamin E.  Pour into a glass jar.
The consistency of the salve can be adjusted depending on your preferences.
Use less wax for a soft salve and more wax if you want a thicker salve.

Once it cools you can make adjustments by reheating and adding more oil or more wax until you get the consistency you want.

Cannabis Root Topical Oil

Did you know that every part of the cannabis plant is useful? Here’s a recipe from my old pal Dizledot that tells us how to extract a topical oil from the roots. It’s just the thing for arthritis or muscle pain. And you Puritans will be glad to know that it doesn’t get you intoxicated, just relieves pain.

Don’t Throw Those Root Balls Out!

Did you know that hemp or marijuana root is used to relieve muscular and bone aches, reduce swelling, ease pain, rejuvenates circulation, promotes cellular growth, and encourages deep tissue healing.

I try to use every bit of the plant, waste nothing is my motto! There are old recipes out there dating back years and years documenting the use of roots and stems.

If you are like me and looking for a homeopathic use for the roots start with a topical liniment solution using rubbing alcohol, dried and finely ground roots……


  • 1 bottle of 90% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol
  • 1 root ball thoroughly cleaned and dried. Wash and re wash with water until all soil is removed from fresh roots. Make sure you have dried or dehydrated it to the point where the roots are no longer soft and pliable.


Grind root ball to a fine powder, open a bottle of 90% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), pour approximately 1/3 of contents into a separate container for storage.

Using a funnel with an opening appropriate to container, pour in ground material, shake well, then store in a dark place, shaking every few days, for 1-2 months.

Strain out material before using, with a cheesecloth or coffee filter, apply liberally to affected area for pain relief, as needed.

Cannabinoids in the cannabis creams, particularly THC and CBD, are absorbed through the skin.

Since the cannabinoid receptors CB-1 and CB-2 are found throughout the body, including the skin, the cannabinoids in the ointment are absorbed where they are needed, making cannabis creams effective local pain reducers and anti-inflammatory.

When smoking or eating cannabis, the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream affecting the whole body––ointments allow patients to treat specifically where it hurts.

Patients suffering from arthritis, skin conditions, back pain, and a myriad of other ailments use cannabis creams to relieve their symptoms.  Clinical studies have even found cannabis ointment to be an effective treatment for antibiotic-resistant bugs like MRSA.

The topical application produces none of the psychoactive effects of the cannabis, and has almost immediate results for pain relief, thus making cannabis creams desirable to a wide range of patients.

Although using cannabis ointment won’t get you high, you can still fail a urine analysis test.

How to Make Your Cannabis Cream:


  • 16oz Coconut Oil or Shea Butter
  • 1oz Marijuana Trim and Stems (flower also works, but wouldn’t you rather smoke it?)
  • 1-2oz Beeswax
  • 1 Tablespoon of Vitamin E Oil

Note: The above measurements can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.  You can make larger or smaller batches or different test potency.

  • Slow Cooker
  • Aroma Therapy Oils (optional)
  • Healing Oils (optional)
  • Cheesecloth
  • Large Pot
  • Funnel
  • Container with lid (for storing finished cream)


  1. Melt coconut oil in slow cooker on low heat (never heat oils above low setting)
  2. Coarsely grind plant material and stir into slow cooker with melted oil
  3. Cook on low for 12 – 24 hours. Note: Turn slow cooker off when you are away or sleeping, leaving it unattended can be a fire hazard.
  4. When the coconut oil and cannabis mixture is a deep brownish green, your salve is ready
  5. Strain mixture through cheesecloth into your container, squeezing the plant matter tightly to get everything out
  6. Over low heat melt beeswax in large pot on the stove top
  7. Slowly add marijuana mixture
  8. Spoon a small amount of salve into a cup and allow to cool to test for consistency.  Add more beeswax to large pot to thicken it up.  Reheat as necessary to melt the beeswax.
  9. Once the desired consistency is reached, add Vitamin E oil (for preservative and skin health) and any aromatherapy or additional healing oils you wish
  10. Return to container and allow to cool before usefully.

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  1. Paul A.

    I have a small hydroponic set up at home to grow my own cannabis. I have been making my own pain salves, etc for a few years for myself and family and close friends. I find that applying the pain salve directly to the pain points actually work better and faster than smoking or eatables.

  2. Rina Sanders

    Hello! I am looking at trying out CBD products and am interested mostly in bath items like bath bombs or salts: does anyone have any favorites or tips for using them?

    1. green_nostalgic

      Indie Beautique does some. I ordered the non CBD version, and liked the scents. They are a collaboration with Poesie Perfume.

    2. Christina Lintz

      Cosmic Cleanse Scentsations does a lotion too, and it’s also available in double strength! They also do a massage oil which is a godsend for me lately, although I think the site also operates on an ordering window only thing, so YMMV on how much you’re willing/able to do the scramble for stuff.

  3. MissRedRoseUniverse

    710HoneyBhombs on Instagram. She takes orders via direct message. Just a warning don’t say CBD in the DM, it was two weeks before I got a response and all it said was we don’t talk about medicine.

    1. Brianna Sauson

      Seconding this recommendation, she’s an absolute joy to order from and her bombs are the best bath products I’ve ever used.

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