OGKB Cannabis Strain

OGKB Cannabis Strain

OGKB is a high-THC strain that has powerful relaxing qualities and is ideal for social gatherings with friends. The name stands for OG Kush Breath, and it has an especially delicious, woody flavor with undertones of vanilla. It’s a strong strain that can help with a variety of issues including anxiety and sadness, as well as fibromyalgia and muscular pains. Buy OGKB Cannabis Strain using Cannabis Affiliate Program.

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There’s a reason why OGKB strain cannabis is called what it is, but the most essential thing to consider is whether or not you should buy or cultivate it. Continue reading to learn more about this subject.

What Is the OGKB Strain?

OGKB stands for OG Kush Breath, a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain that packs a wallop. It’s a cross of the legendary strain Girl Scout Cookies, Florida Kush, and a sativa Durban from North California. It should not be confused with OGKB 2.0, which was bred by Mycotek and took home awards in the 2015 Grower’s Cup in Amsterdam.

The OGKB strain is a hybrid, according to some sources, made up of Durban Poison, OG Kush, and GSC. Cookie Fam is credited with developing the strain. The name was given as a tribute to Cookie Fam’s patriarch.


The aroma of OGKB marijuana is complex yet delicious. At first, the buds have a powerful diesel-like odor, but if you stick with it, you’ll get tastes of sweetness and nuttiness as well. Sage scents linger in the air after you grind the buds.


The OGKB has a woody aftertaste with sweetness coming to the fore on the exhale after you’ve had a delicate vanilla taste on the inhale. It’s a bud that provides for a pleasant smoking experience, with each puff becoming increasingly fiery in flavor.


The classic nodes of strains from the Cookie family are present in this one. The buds are quite thick and offer a beautiful aesthetic featuring orange pistils against a backdrop of mossy green leaves. OGKB is an indica strain with tiny curled leaves that curl in towards the main stems. When you’re ready to pick, you’ll notice hazy white trichomes that resemble ice at first sight.

OGKB Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately, you are unlikely to locate OGKB seeds online. Instead, you must search for mature, healthy OGKB plants and collect clippings to grow them as clones. If you can get your hands on these cuttings, you’ll discover that OGKB grows nicely both indoors and outside. Make sure your crop is only exposed to a warm and humid environment if you want it to thrive outdoors.

OGKB plants are generally short and spiky, with robust branches spreading outwards. As a result, it’s a good idea to cut down large and undesired fan leaves. Otherwise, the flowering nodes at the bottom of your plants will not receive adequate light and air to thrive. novice growers are sometimes hesitant to remove leaves and branches because they believe that doing so harms the plant.

According to reports, when this plant is cultivated indoors, it should bloom in approximately 8-9 weeks. Some growers have been reported to grow OGKB in cocoa-based dirt. It’s an intriguing possibility, and we were intrigued when we discovered that cultivating OGKB in this sort of soil gave a nice chocolaty overtone. By all accounts, it seems to work quite effectively due to the current earthy and floral notes.

THC Content

OGKB cannabis has been shown to have a THC concentration of over 26% in test results! It also contains terpenes such as Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Alpha-Humulene.

CBD Content

OGKB rarely has more than 0.1% CBD.

What Can I Expect When I Use OGKB Weed?

When using OGKB cannabis, be extremely cautious since it has the ability to induce couch-lock quickly. It’s a powerful and fast-acting indica that raises cerebral blood pressure almost immediately. You might experience an increase in saliva production or pulsations at the temple area.

Users have reported an increase in visual stimuli, while the age-old problem of time dilation may reemerge; thus, avoid smoking this strain if you have an important appointment approaching! OGKB is undoubtedly a marijuana strain meant for late at night since it produces a sense of profound calmness. After the high has had time to establish itself, you won’t want to finish any task you were supposed to do.

The high takes some time to work its way through the body, but it eventually arrives at your system and keeps you firmly planted; the last thing you want at this stage is to move. We propose that you prepare food since OGKB may induce a severe case of the munchies. It’s ideal for hanging out with friends or before bed since it’s got a relaxing effect.

Medical Benefits of OGKB Marijuana

OGKB has a number of advantages if you are a medical marijuana user. The profound sense of calmness that you experience might help relieve problems such as anxiety, sadness, and stress. OGKB may be utilized to alleviate chronic pain caused by diseases like fibromyalgia or any inflammation-related sickness because it is such a powerful hybrid.

If you’re undergoing chemotherapy or any other radiation treatment, or if you have an eating issue, OGKB’s capacity to produce ravenous hunger might be beneficial. Finally, because OGKB is such a powerful sedative, it might be the thing that helps people fall asleep quickly and consistently.

Possible Side Effects of OGKB Weed

Patients who use OGKB should be aware of the common marijuana side effects, such as dry mouth and itchy eyes. Because OGKB is highly concentrated, you must take it cautiously if you have a low tolerance to THC.

Final Thoughts on OGKB Cannabis

OG Kush is a great strain for treating a variety of ailments and provides a mellow, uplifting effect. OGKB is also known as “OG Kush,” after the original OG Kush from which it was bred. If you find OGKB in its lineage, there’s a high chance you’ll enjoy an outstanding smoke. Unfortunately, it appears to be a clone-only strain, so your best opportunity to try it would be to purchase it online.

The final thing we’d like to say is that, unless you’re planning to spend it in bed or on the sofa listening to The Doors, don’t use OGKB during the day. You’ll get so relaxed that you won’t want to move for several hours.

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