Marijuana infused gummy candy

Marijuana infused gummy candy

Cannabis gummy bears and gummy worms are establishing themselves as one of the most pleasurable and popular ways to consume marijuana.

Cannabis edibles of all forms are popular, and cannabis gummies are no exception. They’re also extremely simple to produce, and they provide the ideal little nibble-sized and delicious way to consume. Breaking out a tin of your own cannabis gummies is both amusing and mirthful. Finally, even in jurisdictions where marijuana is completely legal, gummy edibles are not allowed for sale. In that case, you’d have no choice but to create your own.

When you were a kid, gummy bears and gummy worms were on hand to help you unwind, and now thanks to a little amount of THC, you may easily reignite your passion for all things gummy.

Why make THC gummies?

Cannabis is most often smoked, and for good reasons. It’s simple, entertaining, and almost always effective. However, comparing smoking marijuana to eating edibles is similar to comparing water polo and synchronized swimming – they’re both played in a pool and are both excellent ways to waste an afternoon, but they’re nonetheless very distinct sports.

When you eat cannabis foods, the experience may be very different from that of smoking. It’s an all-encompassing sensation characterized by tingling that can make you comfy on the sofa for hours or hilarious while watching TV screensaver for hours. Edibles are not as fast-acting nor long-lasting as other types of marijuana, and they might take an hour to feel active and stay high for hours. They aren’t the most sensible all day high, but edibles are well worth it.

Edibles are a handy treat that’s difficult to rival since they allow you to get high without smoking or staining your home. They’re also an excellent option if you’re trying to quit smoking but still want to get high, or if you’d want a way to take your medication without smelling like garbage.

Safety with gummies and other edibles

It’s advised that you start with a low dose at first, and gradually increase it until you’ve achieved the desired effect. It can take up to an hour for edibles to kick in, so be patient. If you don’t notice anything after an hour, simply wait it out. Edibles might have a negative impact on your metabolism, making it harder for you to lose weight. You may be full from eating edibles or your metabolism may be slowed down by doing so. In either case, if you eat edibles, your best bet for success is to start modest and gradually increase until you’re used to the dose.

Another thing to consider while making cannabis gummies is safety. To a young child, they will appear and taste just like traditional gummy bears. Make sure to store your marijuana gummies safely sealed and hidden away from children in the house to avoid a trip to the doctor’s office or a phone call from Child Protective Services.

Cannabis oil

THC and CBD are fat-soluble, which means they have to be eaten in the form of fat in order to get absorbed by the body. When making cannabis oil, THC, CBD, and all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are mixed in.

The simplest approach to produce edibles is to have your own cannabis infusion on hand, and the majority of THC gummy recipes require cannabis oil — specifically infused coconut oil.

If you don’t have your own batch of cannabis coconut oil on hand, you’ll never be more than a step away from creating your own edibles. And, thankfully, embedding cannabis in coconut oil is probably simpler than most people would believe.

For this recipe, we suggest using less cannabis than the other cannabis oil recipes to keep the gummies mild, but you may modify the amount and THC concentration of your cannabis as desired.

1. Decarboxylate some cannabis

The first and most crucial step in producing edibles (besides obtaining some marijuana) is to decarboxylate it. Decarboxylation is the conversion of THCA to THC, allowing you to get high, through a process known as activation. The crucial component is heat, and all you need to decarboxylate your marijuana is to grind it up and wrap it in foil or a baking sheet in the oven for about 30-45 minutes at around 220-245°F (105-120°C). Just keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t get too hot.

2. Mix it together on the stove

Place the ground cannabis in a microwavesafe container and microwave it on high for exactly 1 minute to decarboxylate. Once microwave-safe, place the now-decarboxylated cannabis inside a cup of coconut oil and heat until it reaches approximately 130-150°F (55-65°C). Serve immediately after combining with stirring.

A double-boiler is even more simple, since it requires no second vessel. Place water in the bottom pan, then add the coconut oil to the top section and gently combine the cannabis for three hours at 130-150°F (55-65°C). Combine the oil and cannabis in a slow cooker and cook on low for about three hours.

Whatever method you utilized, strain the oil after simmering the oil and cannabis compound to remove the plant matter and store it somewhere secure.

Recipe: How to make weed gummies

If you’ve never created marijuana gummies before, one of the first words you’ll need to know is “emulsification.” Cannabis oil won’t naturally stick with water or other melted components in gummies, resulting in a separate cannabis oil layer or gummies that just don’t have the right consistency. Soy or sunflower lecithin are common emulsifiers that allow the entire mixture to mix uniformly and create that delicious gummy texture.

Cannabis oil is used in many weed gummy recipes, although other extracts are sometimes suggested. We’ll go with cannabis oil since it’s simple to work with and make. To begin, gather your equipment. A stove, a pot, a whisk, a dropper, a gummy bear mold (or worms, depending on your preference), and a freezer will all be required.

You just need to melt some coconut oil and do a little mixing. It’s so simple, anyone can do it! Here’s our favorite recipe for making your own infused coconut oil:


  • ½ cup Cannabis-infused coconut oil
  • ½ cup cold water 
  • 85 gram packet of flavored gelatine (this is the standard size small box of Jell-o)
  • 2 tablespoons unflavored gelatine 
  • ½ teaspoon sunflower or soy lecithin


  1. Combine the cannabis-infused coconut oil, water, and sunflower/soy lecithin in a pot on the stove and simmer.
  2. Remove the pan from the heat and carefully add all of the ingredients in one go. Continue to stir until both flavored and unflavored gelatine are completely dissolved.
  3. Place the jar in a larger pan half-filled with water and place on low heat for 10-15 minutes, whisking the mixture constantly and ensuring that it doesn’t reach a boil.
  4. Fill each gummy mold with a dropper one at a time, and do it as quickly as possible so that the liquid doesn’t cool. When you’re finished filling all of the molds, make sure to stir the rest of the mixture frequently to prevent it from solidifying.
  5. Remove the mold from the gummies and set them aside. Place the gummies in a freezer bag or container, seal it, and return it to the freezer for 20-25 minutes.

Potency: How many gummies should you eat?

How much edibles you eat is determined by a number of factors, including your past experience with edibles, tolerance, and the potency of the cannabis. If you’re preparing your own home-made edibles, taking it slow at first and gradually increasing your dose is the best strategy; homemade edibles may be less precise than store-bought ones.

It’s a good idea to be cautious and test out a half or even a quarter of a gummy first time to see how powerful your first batch is.

Consider how strong the cannabis oil you used is when determining how powerful the gummies will be. If you used 3.5 grams of cannabis with a THC concentration of 20%, each teaspoon of oil would contain roughly 14mg of THC.

Given a total of 336mg THC for the entire batch of gummies, doing some quick math reveals that roughly one-quarter (24 teaspoons) is derived from coconut oil. This equates to 16.8mg of THC in each 20 small-to-medium gummy bears. If you want them to be closer to 5mg per gummy, use smaller molds and make 40 or more items instead of 20 large ones.

Whether you pick black, white, or multicolored gummies for your weed gummies, with a jar on hand at home, you can enjoy them as dessert anytime you want. You may also use them to relax and watch the apocalypse pass by from your recliner while snuggled up in a sweet, gummy embrace. As with all sweets that resemble candy, keep them away from toddlers.

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