Hemp marijuana flower Canada Spirits Types

marijuana flower CanadaMany of us like the smell of cannabis, but few people think about wearing it all the time. However, some have decided to do so by creating a new perfume with a scent that is unique to cannabis. Hemp fragrances combine hemp scent with floral and earthy shades, creating a bouquet that has turned the beauty industry upside down.

Surely every marijuana lover had a moment in his life when he used perfume, cologne, or toilet water to try to mask the smell of cannabis coming from it or present in the room. Times change!

Today, hemp perfume has become one of the trends in the beauty industry. And it is no surprise, because they do not look like boring and annoying scents of the past. The fragrance of hemp has unique subtle shades, which combine floral, pine, earthy, citrus and other notes. At the same time, you can feel the characteristic hemp smell inherent to the plant.

There are two kinds of perfume from hemp. The first is made directly from a living plant, the second does not contain cannabis, but has an inherent aroma. The latter is more popular in countries where cannabis is still a prohibited plant. The ways in which these two types of perfume are made are noticeably different.

To understand how to make perfumes out of hemp, you should first understand how any other perfume is made. Each of them necessarily consists of four ingredients: essential oils, base oil, ethanol and purified water. Essential oils, in turn, are divided into three kinds: top, middle and base notes. The top note evaporates the fastest, while the base note stays the longest. After using perfumes, all three notes are first felt, but the top note is the dominant one. As it evaporates, the middle note starts to dominate, followed by the base note. Many perfumers also use 'bridge' notes, which make the transition between the main notes smoother.

marijuana flower CanadaTo make perfumes, you should first choose which fragrances you want to use for the top, middle and base notes. If you want to get a plant odor without using plant material, you only need to mix certain, correctly selected notes to get a plant flavor. If you use cannabis, the shades of its aroma can be different. Everything will depend on the profile of the terpenes and the cannabinoids it contains.

After you have selected essential oils, add them to the base oil. Usually it is sweet almond or jojoba oil. Usually add 7 drops of top, middle and base notes. This is about 14 grams of butter. Then add about 70 grams of ethanol (vodka will do). The resulting mixture should be closed in an airtight container, leaving it for 2-42 days. The longer it stays there, the stronger the smell will be. When everything is ready, you should add a few tablespoons of purified water. Then you should stir everything thoroughly and strain it through a coffee filter. At the end, add a tablespoon of glycerine to preserve the aroma. Store the perfume in an amber glass container.

Hemp perfume is a great step towards introducing cannabis into everyday life. It is a step back in those times when cannabis was widely used in textile industry, medicine and cosmetology. Today, more and more industries are beginning to see the future of cannabis every day. This is largely due to the fact that more and more countries are changing their laws every day, making cannabis even more attractive for use.

As clothes, medicines, perfumes and other cannabis products are introduced into everyday life, more and more people are asking: "Why is such a unique and useful plant as cannabis even criminalized? Hemp spirits add to the cannabis industry the playfulness and beauty that contributes to its development. It's a product that marijuana lovers will certainly appreciate.

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