Mandarin Cookies Weed Strain

Mandarin Cookies Weed Strain

Mandarin Cookies is a potent, excellent strain with both wonderful tastes and powerful effects. There are many different cannabis strains available to breeders and farmers who want to share them with the rest of the world. OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies, for example, are renowned for sharing their love and passing their DNA across the globe. If you’d like to buy Mandarin Cookie weed, use our toronto cannabis delivery to your home.

There are certain cannabis strains, however, that are simply too fantastic to share with the world. There are a handful of strains that must be conserved in order to maintain their unique genetics. The Mandarin Cookies strain from Ethos Genetics is one such variety. You will have difficulties finding this outside of Ethos Genetics’ stores as a copyrighted, proprietary breed.

If you’re lucky enough to come across some at a marijuana shop, what can you expect? What is the Mandarin Cookies strain like?

What Is the Mandarin Cookies Strain?

The Mandarin Cookies strain has an intricate breeding history, with various dispensaries conflicting about its parent strains. Despite others’ claims that it was created from Girl Scout Cookies, the creators and original breeders give a very clear and certain response. Despite others’ assertions to the contrary, they combined both Ethos Cookies #12 and Mandarin Sunset to create this strong sativa-leaning hybrid.

Mandarin Cookies is a strain to be wary of, regardless of its parent strains. In addition, this Cannabis plant has a propensity to take control when subjected to cross-breeding experiments.

Both parent strains are generally thought to provide an equal contribution to the final strain’s effects and taste. If you start a new strain experiment with Mandarin Cookies as a parent, you’ll probably end up with a variant rather than a true crossbreed.

This strain’s rarity has caused it to become a strain primarily utilized for recreational and medical purposes rather than as a parent strain.

That’s all well and good, because the effects of Mandarin Cookies make it worthwhile to cultivate and store regardless. When you first smoke Mandarin Cookies marijuana, you will experience an intense head rush and a large burst of energy flooding your body.

Negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings will dissolve away, leaving you feeling carefree and joyful as if you didn’t have a worry in the world. As it rises, the high gets more mental in nature, progressing to a deeper level of relaxation in your body.

This strain is indica dominant, with a 75% indica/ 25% sativa ratio. It won’t knock you out completely, but the relaxation it offers makes it very easy to fall asleep at the end of its high.


It’s no surprise that this strain has such a wonderful aroma and taste profile, given its delectable name.

Expect a powerful surge of earthy scents, as well as a jab of classic kush, when you break up Mandarin Cookies’ buds. However, the prime scent is one of pleasant citrus fruits; consider mixing crushed lime fruit with a kiwi to get close to the aroma profile of this strain.


Its unique flavor, however, is the Mandarin Cookies’ aroma, which is a tremendous advantage. It’s the flavor of Mandarin Cookies that keeps people coming back for more. Expect a tart mandarin taste to coat your mouth as you take your first draw of this strain, as the name implies.

The flavor is acidic, tangy, and vibrant, with a fascinating undertone of complex citrus and herbal notes. On the back-end, there are even a few nutty tastes that come through as you exhale.

The flavor is comparable to biting into a juicy, ripe mandarin. There are so many additional tastes that your head nearly spins from trying to comprehend all of the meals it evokes in your mind.


The buds of ‘Mandarin Cookies’ are surprisingly gorgeous, unlike most other sativa-leaning strains. The nuggets are extremely lengthy and thick, almost appearing to be green beans hanging from luscious vines.

If the buds have been kept at low temperatures for a few days during their growth cycle, there will be a trace of purple beneath the green leaves. This provides an exquisite second layer of color, contrasting beautifully with the dark yellow and amber pistils that cover the buds.

This bud has a few distinctively-shaped leaves and small greenish-brown dots on the surface that are dotted with resin glands. There are also a lot of flavorful white trichomes poking up between the leaves, letting you know you’re in for an exceptionally powerful experience.

Mandarin Cookies Strain Grow Info

Growing your own Mandarin Cookies might be difficult because the original breeders maintain tight reign on this strain. To prevent home breeding experiments using this strain, Mandarin Cookies seeds are only available in feminized form.

Most places, however, don’t have Mandarin Cookies seeds on hand and Ethos Cookies doesn’t always keep them in stock. Your best chance is to track down someone who’s growing Mandarin Cookies and get a clone from them.

If you get your hands on a Mandarin Cookies clone, or even some seeds, expect trouble-free growth.

Mandarin Cookies is a sativa that can tolerate a lot of interruptions and still function well, although a little trimming and temperature management go a long way. Mandarin Cookies grows tall and thin in the same manner as most sativa-leaning hybrids, so it may need to be tethered to avoid falling over.

To encourage more lateral, sideways development, the tip of the plant should be trimmed in a procedure known as topping. This will urge the plant to put its efforts into growing to the side, resulting in additional edible branches that will provide you with harvestable bud.

Expect a typical eight to ten weeks for the plant to flower, as well as a simple nutritional need. Aside from topping, trimming, and minor adjustments, you won’t have to do too much work with this strain, making it ideal for novice growers.

THC Content – Highest Test

The legendary potency of the Mandarin Cookies strain, which is known for not only being delectable but also for its premium quality, has made it a big success.

While the precise amount of THC in this strain is a subject of debate, Ethos Genetics and several lab tests have shown that the THC content of Mandarin Cookies reaches about 26%. This is an exceptionally potent THC concentration, enough to overpower even the most frequent marijuana consumers.

CBD Content – Highest Test

When it comes to cannabis, most strains have been bred to be as potent as possible, and they typically don’t have much CBD content. Despite this, Mandarin Cookies is not the same case. Despite all odds, the breeders of this strain were able to add a little bit of CBD to its high amount of THC, bringing everything back into balance.

Expect about 1% CBD in your Mandarin Cookies buds, which is considerably higher than most strains.

Medical Benefits of the Mandarin Cookies Strain

When you acquire a cannabis strain that has so many stress-reducing and happiness-inducing effects, it’s only natural that individuals would want to utilize it as a medical marijuana.

Because of its capacity to wipe away all your problems, Mandarin Cookies can be a great assistance in treating both stress and anxiety. You will find yourself unable to recall what concerned you from the moment you first consume Mandarin Cookies.

The Mandarin Cookies strain is great for encouraging creativity. While this is typical in sativa-dominant strains, the Mandarin Cookies strain is recognized as a powerful stimulant for igniting your creativity.

A tiny amount of Mandarin Cookies might be just what you need if you are having trouble completing any tasks or creative projects. Although this cannabis strain can assist with a variety of mental issues, it can also assist with physical problems.

This could aid with persistent chronic pain. The high THC content of Mandarin Cookies makes it effective at reducing pain and uplifting your mood. Furthermore, migraine sufferers may benefit from the knowledge that this strain is effective in preventing migraines.

Mandarin Cookies is a gentle, sweet strain that’s ideal for winding down after a long day. Its citrusy, fruit-forward flavor profile will leave your day bright and cheerful, with no worries in the world.

Possible Side Effects of the Mandarin Cookies Strain

There are always going to be a few negative effects associated with any potent cannabis strain.

After smoking Mandarin Cookies, you should anticipate both dry mouth and dry eyes. They aren’t a cause for concern, however; simply use a cold glass of water and some eye drops to relieve them without effort.

The only significant negative effects of this strain to be concerned about are taking too much. Because Mandarin Cookies is a particularly potent cannabis strain, it’s easy to burn through the entire lot at once by accident.

While most individuals would like to believe that they can ingest any amount of cannabis, certain varieties, such as this one, have a lot of THC. So, if you take too much at once, you will experience a few extra negative effects.

Taking too much can cause anxiety, paranoia, and overstimulation. Taking too much Mandarin Cookies may also produce migraines, which is unusual when you consider that many people use this strain to treat migraines. You should be fine as long as you take only a little at any one time.

Final Thoughts on the Mandarin Cookies Strain

The Mandarin Cookies strain is notoriously difficult to come by, with many people claiming that it’s both difficult to find and impossible to get seeds for.

Unfortunately, it is not legal to possess in all states. However, some dispensaries and online stores do sell it, so if you’re lucky enough to come across it, go for it while you still can.

This strain is bursting with rich, vibrant flavor and provides a enormously creative and pleasant high. It’s ideal for mellow afternoons, but it can also assist you in keeping moving in the right direction when you need a little inspiration.

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