Making BHO at home

Making BHO at home

I’m about to show you how TheCapn makes BHO.  BHO = butane hash oil, and also known as wax, shatter, honeycomb, honey oil, and whatever we stoners decide to call it at the time.  My goal with this article is to provide the most complete instructions to make shatter.  I’ve seen many stoners attempt to make videos on how to do it, but I’ve never seen a complete, step by step method online.

Specifically, I’ll show you how to make, what is most widely known as, “shatter”.  There are many variations, and I can’t possibly cover them all.  If you want to make something different, I may be able to help, however this article is focused on BHO, or shatter, so we will keep the subject there.

This post has been a long time in the making.  I’ve been cooking up a batch about once a week, for the last year, and I just now feel as if I’m qualified to teach someone else how to do it.  I am still learning more every day, and I have been “tweaking” the technique over the last year.  I’ve learned many many lessons.  There is SO MUCH that can go wrong when you make BHO.  It is somewhat of an art, but if you follow my directions exactly, your product should turn out very similar.

I’m not the god of BHO.  There are many ways to make it and many many more opinions.  I’ve been hesitant to write this article, because articles on Shatter, bring the stoner squids out of the woodwork.  I’m writing this article because I have taught many people how to make it, and I’d rather just send them to the instructions.  This is the way I do it.  I spent a lot of time and money making several batches before I was able to consistently make good shatter.  If you follow these instructions, you should be able to make great shatter the first time.  And when I say GREAT, I’m talking full melt, mind bending, clean, great tasting shatter. You’re welcome to try it this way or any other way.  If you post any “hater” comments, I’ll delete them.

making bho at home

How to perform a vacuum purge

State-of-the-art vacuum purging technology produces just the right amount of pressure to safely remove butane without damaging the therapeutic compounds in the concentrate. Vacuum purges will need to be performed multiple times until you’re left with a great-looking BHO that has a thick and viscous consistency.

Vacuum purges can be a dangerous affair. It’s important to perform a purge by a window or in an open area to reduce the chance of an explosion. One spark or a wrong piece of clothing can set the operation on fire. Extraction facilities use closed-loop systems, gas detection systems, and ventilation systems to protect its workers and extract BHO efficiently.

Despite the controversy surrounding BHO and the BHO method, the resulting dabs and shatter can make a full-spectrum concentrate full of cannabinoids and terpenes. Vacuum purging is essential to producing safe, pure, and tasty BHO shatter, dabs, wax, budder, and more every time.

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is a type of cannabis extract that has a glass-like appearance. When dropped, this product may shatter like glass hence the name shatter.

Shatter can be extracted using different solvents; butane hash oil (BHO) is just one of them. Other solvents that can be used to make shatter include water, ethanol, and liquid carbon dioxide. 

making bho at home

How To DIY Shatter Using Butane

This process may take up to 100 hours, depending on the vacuum oven/ apparatus that you are using. With more efficient vacuum purging kits, this may take a few hours.

What you will need

The most expensive equipment that will need to make shatter is the vacuum oven or vacuum purging kit. Other equipment that you will need to buy is the extraction tube and butane canister. These can be easily bought in a marijuana headshop or on Amazon.

  1.   1 ounce of high-quality cannabis bud (to make 3 ounces of shatter)
  2.   1 butane canister
  3.   1 extraction tube
  4.   1 pyrex dish
  5.  Double boiler
  6.  Parchment paper
  7.  Safety gloves

 Safety Measures To Take

Making BHO shatter can easily turn out to be a disaster if safety measures are not in place. Butane is a highly flammable gas and can easily start a fire. There have been a couple of unfortunate incidences with this process especially when it is done inside a house.

The first thing to do is to carry out this process outdoors in a place where there is maximum ventilation. Even when outdoors, make sure that there is no open flame in the vicinity. Lastly have a fire extinguisher in sight just in case an accidental fire erupts. 

With this, you should be safe to make shatter simply with a vacuum purge.


1.    Shred the marijuana into small piece

Ensure that the marijuana is completely dry to allow butane to act on it effectively

2.   Load the extraction tube

Pour the shredded cannabis into your extraction tube and pack it until full. Don’t leave any air spaces

3.   Saturate the marijuana with butane 

After loading your extraction tube, cover the open end with a coffee filter. Place the pyrex dish on the lower end and start pouring your butane into the extraction tube. Let the brownish-green liquid run until it becomes clear. At this point, the extraction is complete

4.   Evaporate the butane 

Place the pyrex dish on the double boiler and heat at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The liquid should bubble until it stops at the point where a waxy substance has formed. 

Scrape off the waxy substance onto your parchment paper and allow it to dry.

How To Vacuum Purge Shatter

This is the final step of making shatter. It involves vacuum purging your shatter to get rid of all residual butane.

A simple vacuum oven can do the job pretty well. However, this may take a longer duration.

Place the shatter inside the vacuum oven and set the temperature to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the butane is past its dissolving point and the cannabinoids are safe. Beyond this temperature and you will start losing cannabinoids. 

The pressure should be set at and 27HG – 29HG pressure aiming for a complete vacuum.

Once set, the shatter will begin to bubble as it rises. If it is rising too fast you can reduce the vacuum. Allow it to purge until there are no more bubbles or reaction. By then, all the butane should have been purged.

Remove your shatter from the vacuum oven and allow cooling. You can place it in the fridge for faster cooling. Once the shatter is well-formed (glassy) place it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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