Golden Ticket Cannabis Strain

It’s highly doubtful that you’ll be able to get a golden ticket into Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. Fortunately, a strain with the same name gives people exactly the same pleasure as the fictional location did for many of them. Golden Ticket is a well-balanced hybrid created by Archive Seed Bank using two legendary strains. The first component is Face Off OG, a bud with strong body effects capable of melting your face off. Golden Goat was later added to enhance its terpene profile and increase its cerebral effects.

One should keep in mind, however, that TGA Seeds produces a different type of Golden Ticket than the famous Chernobyl variety from TGA Seeds. It has a distinct set of side effects, tastes, and medical benefits. As a result, users must be cautious about potentially mixing the two strains.

There are five “golden tickets” in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, which allow each holder to tour the highly exclusive Willy Wonka chocolate facility once in their life. Charlie Bucket, a poor boy from a family of six children, finds one of the golden tickets and, with his Grandpa Joe, enters the factory.

In the lovely yet peculiar fable, Charlie is ultimately shown to be good and rewarded by Willy Wonka, who bestows him with ownership of the factory. In Canada, Canopy Growth Corporation’s golden ticket draw was its own. The lucky winners were given a tour of their factory!

While the Golden Ticket strain won’t make all of your aspirations come true, it may assist you in alleviating stress and enhancing your mood.

What is the Golden Ticket Strain?

The term “balanced hybrid” refers to a mix of two strains that has been created by combining the terpene-rich Golden Goat with the potency-enhancing Face Off OG. We should inform you that there is a second version of Golden Ticket. TGA Seeds engineered it and it’s a cross between Chernobyl marijuana and another strain called Golden Ticket. The Archive version is what we’re talking about in this review.


The Golden Ticket is unquestionably one of the most powerful cannabis strains available. THC levels in the strain range from 16% to 25%. It doesn’t, however, overpower users after the first puff. Instead, it sneaks in 30 minutes later, after the initial two to three puffs.

Users experience a delicate euphoric buzz at first that builds with each puff. It lifts the spirits and prepares users for a productive day ahead by boosting their mood. Mental clarity, on the other hand, encourages a flood of creativity as ideas flow freely in the mind, resulting in an abundance of new ideas.

A slight pressure is applied to the temples and travels down the rest of the body after about an hour or two. It relaxes each muscle until users feel totally at ease. However, keeping it from entirely locking gamers to the sofa is where the initial mental effects come in.

Golden Ticket makes a wonderful wake and bake meal because of its outstanding wake and bake capabilities.


Golden Ticket Is most appealing features is its smell, which is reminiscent of ripe lemons and limes. It has a sugary sweetness and a tangy tartness that reminds me of ripened lemons and limes. The earthy scent becomes more powerful as the buds are crushed or combusted, complementing the fruitiness.


The Gold Ticket taste is as delicious as it smells. It explodes in the mouth with a zesty combination of lemons and limes. Skunk adds sour undertones to this flavor, which enriches it. On the exhale, it leaves a citric and earthy aftertaste that lingers in the mouth long after you’ve finished smoking.

Adverse Reaction

When utilizing a strong strain like the Golden Ticket, moderation and rhythm must be maintained at all times. It will cause anxiety if not done correctly. Dizziness and a headache are sometimes experienced as well. This is, however, an uncommon occurrence.

Dehydration is a common side effect of marijuana, which causes the eyes and mouth to be dry. The dry spell is usually minor and subsides on its own after a few hours. Those who are uncomfortable may, nevertheless, drink a cup or two of water for rehydration.

Medical Benefits of Golden Ticket Marijuana

The Golden Ticket S health advantages are significant. It is mentally uplifting and, as a result of its mood-boosting properties, provides comfort to those who suffer from depression. It has similar stress-relieving qualities.

The ideal time to consume a Golden Ticket is immediately before a meal. This is due to the fact that it relaxes each muscle in the stomach, promoting a hearty appetite. At the same time, it reinvigorates your body and relieves pain with its anesthetic effects.

Golden Ticket Growing

The most significant characteristic of this balanced hybrid is that it truly brings out the best characteristics of indicas and sativas. You may produce Golden Ticket seeds in an indoor or outdoor environment. It has a good deal of height, so if you want to keep it low, we recommend topping it once or twice.

It thrives under a wide range of conditions, from high light to lower light. It is one of the most popular strains for its ease of growth and effectiveness in the market. nIn general, it responds well to methods such as the Screen Of Green (SCROG) and Sea of Green (SOG). Despite its height, Golden Ticket is more robust than you would expect, with a resistance to cold temperatures and high levels of relative humidity (RH). When cultivated outside, it has thick branches and stems that allow it to endure strong winds and other adverse circumstances.

The yield for grown outdoors is about 14 ounces per plant, and it should be ready by October. Although it’s a toughy, increasing numbers of cultivators are choosing to grow Golden Ticket indoors for additional protection against pests.

Growing marijuana indoors has the extra advantage of allowing you to maintain control over humidity, temperature, and lighting. Although Golden Ticket thrives in a hydroponic setting, experienced cultivators claim that the weed tastes better when cultivated in dirt. At this time, you may buy Golden Ticket seeds in their conventional form, which means roughly half of them will develop male plants.

Germination with a partner, the use of a controlled environment, and humidity will all help you increase your chances of generating a female plant. To prevent your Golden Ticket plants from turning hermies, utilize low-stress training (LST) methods. However, there will undoubtedly be male plants in your cannabis garden no matter how hard you try. Learn to identify them early so that you may separate them from the females as soon as possible to avoid cross-pollination.

The THC content of Golden Ticket is unpredictable. Most cuts have a THC level between 16% and 25%, although we’ve seen versions with a THC concentration of 27%. The highest amount of CBD you’ll find in Golden Ticket weed is approximately 1%.

One of the major concerns for first-timers when utilizing this type is how long it takes to begin working. You might finish a whole joint and still be waiting for the effects to kick in. It’s also a good idea not to spark another blunt right away because Golden Ticket’s effects can take up to half an hour to manifest.

The high is characterized by a euphoric cerebral buzz that grows stronger with each additional puff. If you’re in a foul mood, you may feel uplifted and optimistic after taking the Golden Ticket. Some people claim to be more creative while their minds become clearer, according on

It’s a great Wake and Bake choice since it’s one of the greatest ways to get kids up and active. Although most people prefer to lighten up before lunch in order to get through the dreaded afternoon drowsiness, it is still widely used as an effective wake-up call. Before attending a social gathering, you may utilize Golden Ticket since it makes you feel more sociable and confident around others.

Doses as little as three to five grams may induce dizziness and headaches. Users should be cautious about how much they use, since it is such a powerful strain. Overuse can make you dizzy and miserable, and it can also exacerbate any anxiety or paranoia you’re feeling. Dry eyes, a dry mouth, and dehydration are some of the most common side effects.

It takes between 8 and 10 weeks for Golden Ticket to bloom completely. It generates 12 to 14 ounces of buds per square meter when ready for harvesting.

The Golden Ticket flowers between the second and the last week of October, in the northern hemisphere. It contains at least 14 ounces of buds per plant.

The Golden Ticket strain is a good choice for inexperienced producers, but we don’t suggest it to novices. It’s quite potent in THC, and while the initial lack of effects might be off-putting, you WILL feel very stoned after some time. Golden Ticket is a strain that has the same wonderful taste as it does beautiful appearance and aroma.

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