Gifts for Pot Smokers
A woman smokes a joint on the day Canada legalizes recreational marijuana at Trinity Bellwoods Park, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 17, 2018. REUTERS/Carlos Osorio

Gifts for Pot Smokers

Get more lit than a Christmas tree this holiday season.

Weed is recreationally legal in 10 states, and medically legal in 32. The days of hiding your poorly rolled joints under your mattress and buying shitty brownies off your old lab partner are over — who wants that when consuming cannabis has never been sleeker?

You can put down the massive bongs and ugly tie-dyed socks emblazoned with pot leaves. Look, it’s 2018 and that grungy stoner aesthetic is a tired trope. Whether they’re serious smokers or just dabbling into CBD, here are weed gifts you won’t have to hide.

Effects of Smoking Marijuana on the Lungs

When smoked, marijuana spends most of its time in the lungs. Because they are both most-commonly smoked, marijuana and tobacco are often compared. Cigarettes are thought to cause more bodily harm and than smoking marijuana, but that isn’t the case. While cigarettes cause many more deaths each year, smoking marijuana is actually more damaging.

Smoking marijuana deposits 4 times as much tar in the lungs as cigarettes, due in part to the inhalation technique. The common method of smoking marijuana includes holding the smoke in the lungs for a much longer duration than other smoked substances. This continued exposure allows more of the molecules in the smoke to settle in the respiratory system, but does it create long term issues for the lungs?

Ultimately, lungs are most comfortable when inhaling air. When you burn anything and inhale the smoke, it creates an inflammatory response in the airways and lungs. Smoking marijuana can cause coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness. People who self-identify as heavy users report more frequent symptoms of bronchitis and commonly show increased airway resistance. The Guardian reported that smoking a single marijuana joint “may cause as much damage to the lungs as five change-smoked cigarettes.”

1. Magic-Flight Launch Box

gifts for pot smokers
gifts for pot smokers

For the ~aesthetic~ cannabis hobbyist, consider the Magic-Flight Launch Box. The battery operated wood vaporizer heats your bud under an elegant laser-etched cover. There are a variety of gorgeous designs to choose from.

Price: $119 from Magic-Flight

2. Cannabis infused chocolate-covered espresso beans

gifts for pot smokers

If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of edibles, or if you’re trying to avoid the classic collegiate couchlock, check out Kiva Confection’s cannabis infused espresso beans. Each chocolate-covered bean contains just 5 milligrams of THC for a gentle, chill high. 

Price: $22 from Eaze

3. CBD bath bombs

gifts for pot smokers
gifts for pot smokers

For the friend who needs to take a break, give the gift of relaxation. Kush Queen’s Instagram Story-worthy bath bombs contain 25 milligrams of CBD and are packed with essential oils for the perfect spa day. 

Price: Bath bombs start at $12.99 at Kush Queen

4. A festive card that holds a preroll

gifts for pot smokers
gifts for pot smokers

Forget giving gift cards for the holidays — instead, gift your faves a nice fat blunt. You can discreetly tuck it into a festive card with the help of Puff Cards. Each card includes a sleeve to hold the preroll and a seasonal greeting. 

Price: $8 from Puff Cards

5. Some solvent-free rosin

gifts for pot smokers

For serious dabbers, consider some all natural solvent-free rosin. The Northern California-based farm is also working with various local nonprofits to aid communities affected by the wildfires, so your high is going to a good cause!

Price: Market price from Humboldt Farms

6. The Pax Era vape pen

gifts for pot smokers

Give the gift of a more personalized high with the Pax Era vape pen. The battery syncs with an app so you can control the temperature and intensity of each pull — if you know your preferences, this powerful little pen will help you out. 

Price: $30 for the battery from PAX, cartridges at market price.

7. A beginner’s grow kit 

gifts for pot smokers

If you know someone with a green thumb then this beginner’s grow kit is perfect. The kit from A Pot For Pot includes everything you need to grow your first cannabis plant, from a soil blend packed with nutrients to scissors to trim your first harvest. 

Price: $79.95 from A Pot For Pot

8. A Christmas tree bong

gifts for pot smokers
gifts for pot smokers

Get into the holiday spirit with this absurd (but effective) Christmas tree bong. It even includes a candy cane striped downstem! Plug in your string lights and light up this bowl for some winter festivities. 

Price: $79.99 from Dankstop.

9. Hide that pot smell candles

gifts for pot smokers

What weed? These soy candles will hide that loud with the sweet smell of mint chocolate chip. Goodbye sus looks, hello dessert. With a buttery vanilla base, a chocolate mid, and a peppermint top scent, you’ll want to light this candle all year round. 

Price: $18.98 at The Fragrance Lab on Etsy.

10. Airtight jars for all your flower

gifts for pot smokers
gifts for pot smokers

Keep your bud fresh for ages with these gorgeous laser-etched jars. The bamboo/silicone lid will seal in any skunky odors with a flair. Graphic Grinders stocks a variety of designs, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your personality.

Price: $13.99 at Graphic Grinders on Etsy. 

11. The G Pen Gio vape pen

The G Pen Gio looks like a fancy electric toothbrush, but it’s actually a super sleek vape. Hailed as “the crown of oil vapes,” the powerful little pen competes well against the PAX Era with a variety of different pods available. If your loved one is looking for a discreet, smooth way to get high, check out this vape.

Price: Battery starts at $29.99 from G Pen, pods at market value from various dispensaries.

12. An engraved stash box

gifts for pot smokers

Keep your weed safe and sound with a nod to the stoner classic Reefer Madness. With an engraved version of the nostalgic cover art for the movie, the box even comes with a glass jar to hold your bud. 

Price: $30 from SOHI Design on Etsy. 

13. Gift a gorgeous grinder

gifts for pot smokers
gifts for pot smokers

Give your stoner friend a grinder they can’t wait to pull out at parties. These grinders from Topboro are engraved with stunning designs of landscapes and solar systems — very Instagram worthy. 

Price: $20 from Topboro on Etsy.

14. Chill out with CBD infused lotion

gifts for pot smokers

Unwind and moisturize with the Lord Jones Pain & Wellness Formula. Each pump of the luxe cannabis-infused lotion delivers exactly 2 milligrams of CBD for pain relief and hydration. 

Price: $60 from Lord Jones.

15. A Paint and Puff night

gifts for pot smokers
gifts for pot smokers

Join other creatives for a BOYC (bring your own cannabis) paint night in various locations around California. With the guidance of an instructor and a shared joint, you can paint fun marijuana-inspired works of art in this twist on a suburban mom’s favorite activity.

Price: Sessions start at $35 at The Paint Sesh.

From stocking stuffers to one of a kind experiences, you don’t have to be a full blown stoner to enjoy these fun weed-themed gifts!

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  1. Gracie Newman

    If you want to impress a marijuana pot smoker – leave him speechless then hook him up with the IQ2 Vaporizer. It’s smarter and sleeker than a weed vape has any right to be. Best gift ever!

  2. Joy Steward

    I need a list of cool and unique gift ideas for my stoner friends for any holidays. Besides the obvious (papers, wraps, pipes, grinders, wipes, cleaner, wick, lighters), what are some cool things I could get them?

    1. Heather Harris

      Lava lamp, insence, 3d tapestry, light diffusion glasses, hempwick, skokebuddy, ashtray with a debowler, carb caps, dab tools, led light strips… Hope it helps!

      1. Valerie Lin

        Dude, lava lamps are the best. I got one the other day and they’re super entertaining even when sober. can’t wait to get baked and watch it.

    2. Thomas Lashley

      Maybe check out the Dimebags website, im choosing my christmas present from there. They have all sized smellproof bags with nice hidden compartments and such.

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