Frankenstein Cannabis Strain

Frankenstein Cannabis Strain

Frankenstein is a powerful cannabis strain with a variety of aromas and effects, as well as a checkered past. It’s commonly used to treat inflammation and pain in patients using medical marijuana. It has an intense flavor and aroma, as well as a high THC concentration. Find more about Frankenstein Weed Strain at black rabbit.

Some things, even in the age of information, have a touch of mystery. The Frankenstein cannabis variety is one such example. It’s appropriately named since it appears to be a jumble of diverse effects, scents, and tastes. Frankenstein is also quite powerful, so it’s probably not the best choice for beginners.

What Is the Frankenstein Strain?

The Frankenstein marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, according to what we know so far. It also contains a fair amount of THC. Unfortunately, there isn’t much concrete knowledge about its genetics. Much of what we’ve read is just speculation or rumor.

Frankenstein is thought to be a mix of a Pacific Northwest indica and Maui Waui, according to one idea. Another theory claims it’s from OG Kush, suggesting it might include Chemdawg and Hindu Kush. Dankenstein, Cascadia Kush, and Copper Kush are among the Frankenstein strains that have been used to create other strains.

It’s effective in a matter of minutes, which is great for an indica-dominant hybrid.

The secrets of Frankenstein are less esoteric. It has a quick onset in comparison to an indica-dominant hybrid. You should expect to feel drowsy within the next few minutes. Your limbs’ tension will soon evaporate, and you’ll feel at ease.

Because Frankenstein is quite robust, use it with caution. A substantial quantity might result in visual or aural distortion. Users frequently remark that they feel mentally foggy. This strain, however, tends to leave you in command of your mental faculties. Because it can boost your mood, Frankenstein is a fantastic social strain. Users report experiencing giggles while using it.


Frankenstein has a pungent, herbal, and minty aroma. This makes it difficult to conceal that you’re using it! This is the strain for you if you enjoy the traditional cannabis fragrance. It’s well worth the extra time and effort to cure Frankenstein properly if you want to experience an intense aroma. We advocate utilizing a sploof if smoking in your home since the scent is so strong.


The scent of hash and spice is what you’ll get when you grind Frankenstein’s buds. When you light it and begin smoking, this is precisely what you’re going to get. A citrus flavor should also be expected. Please keep in mind, however, that Frankenstein is a strain that may cause a coughing fit.


The flowers of the Frankenstein strain are shaped like a spade and have medium size. The buds are densely packed with indica genetics. The rust-colored pistils stand out against the mossy green leaves. As harvest approaches, you should notice an increased number of trichomes. This is another indication of this strain’s strength.

Frankenstein Strain Grow Info

Because finding information on the likely breeders is difficult, Frankenstein seeds are not sold commercially. Instead, you’ll need to locate a cutting from a mature female plant. You’ll discover that it’s simple to grow indoors or outdoors if you have the cutting in your hands.

You could get a moderate yield from this herb if you grow it indoors or outside.

If you want to grow it outside, keep in mind that it flourishes in a semi-moist environment. The flowering period of Frankenstein will be about eight weeks if grown indoors. Make sure your room temperature is between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can expect a small harvest when growing it either inside or out.

We highly suggest waiting to dry and cure Frankenstein fully. It necessitates a little more work and patience. The curing process, in particular, enhances the skunky and piney notes. To obtain the greatest outcomes, it will take several weeks of curing in airtight containers.

THC Content

The THC content varies greatly from batch to batch. This strain’s name is somewhat misleading: it does not provide a consistent level of THC. The amount of THC in each sample varies, but on average, it is about 23 percent.

CBD Content

There is just a little amount of CBD in Frankenstein, probably somewhere around 0.1 percent or less.

Medical Benefits of the Frankenstein Strain

Frankenstein is a lot more popular among MMJ patients than recreational cannabis users. It’s ideal for people who suffer from insomnia because of its extreme level of relaxation. Try some of this strain an hour or two before bedtime, and you’ll have trouble keeping your eyes open.

Mixing hemp flour with another ingredient is necessary because of its high concentration. It results in a powerful sensation of intoxication. As a result, you may use it to treat symptoms of diseases such as lupus or fibromyalgia. Frankenstein’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent choice for migraines and other ailments that involve chronic pain.

Users also say that this form of cannabis improves their mood. As a result, if you have a bad mood or anxiety, you could give Frankenstein a try.

Possible Side Effects of the Frankenstein Strain

Cannabis strains are often described as being a bit like Frankenstein, and for good reason. It’s very probable that it will increase paranoia. However, because it is so powerful, beginning users may experience panic as they try to handle the strength of the high.

You should not consume more than a few teaspoons of the oil at once, as it may provide you with a mild “trippy” feeling. You could also develop a severe case of dry mouth and red eyes.

Final Thoughts

You’ll never know what you’re going to get with Frankenstein. Despite the fact that there are several marijuana strains of information, no one knows when they first emerged.

What we do know is that Frankenstein has a lot of power. It can assist people with medical problems like chronic pain, sadness, and sleeplessness. But if you go overboard, you’ll be sorry. If you eat it before bedtime, it will most likely relax your body and mind.

Ideally, it’s best to take it before bedtime since it will relax your mind and body.

Because no one seems to know who the breeder is, finding seeds commercially is almost impossible. Frankenstein, on the other hand, is rather simple to grow.

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