Edibles for sex

Edibles for sex

Everyone knows that when date night rolls around, cannabis can bring a little extra sparkle to your eye. But it’s all too easy to get carried away and put a damper on your nighttime fun by going one toke over the line. That’s why we always keep a list of the best edibles for lending just a little juice to your romantic plans. All of them offer a low dose of cannabinoids to keep you balanced, on-point, and present for maximum snuggling fun.

But where should you start? Because everyone reacts a little bit differently to THC—the cannabinoid responsible for cannabis’ “high”—it helps to know your tolerance going in. Sometimes it’s nice to ride a gentle wave of euphoria; other times you might just want a hint of CBD to relax you without any of the cotton-candy fog that THC can bring. We’ve got edibles in every possible ratio to suit your needs. And if you need some backup, just ask! We’d love to help!

Best Edibles: THC Leaning

Delivering 10mg each of THC and CBD, these tart and fruity gummies impart an uplifting, breezy and mild high. Stick to just one: You’ll feel chilled-out and relaxed, but not too drowsy for action later.

We love these simple but remarkably effective little spray bottles! The flavors are right on, plus the bottles are discreet and foolproof. The Cinnamon 1:1 delivers a tiny burst of 5mg each of THC and CBD. It’s soothing and balanced, plus your fresh breath makes you extra-kissable!

These luxuriant little bonbons are like tiny campfires in a tin! They’re the treats you remember from childhood, only with a light 5mg dose of THC to help get the party started. Depending on your tolerance, you could even take a second and watch the fireworks bloom over the lake….

Loaded with the delightful puckery flavor of blood orange, these vegan treats make use of nanomolecular technology to deliver fast action married with a uniquely soft and chewable texture. Delivering 10mg of indica-dominant THC with each treat, these delicious orange gummies are a great way to slip and slide into the night.

These irresistible little mints combine energizing peppermint, green tea matcha, and California-grown cannabis for a zingy and refreshing experience. Tinged with the lightest notes of Tahitian vanilla, each little mint delivers 2.5mg of THC. They’re great for keeping a gentle buzz going, day or night.

edibles for sex

Edibles and sex is where it’s at, ladies!

I have to admit, I haven’t used edibles during sex until recently, I’ve always vaped cannabis. I don’t know why I haven’t before, I think because I was worried it would make me feel sleepy.

Well, it didn’t make me feel sleepy, in fact it made sex amazing and pain free! I used to get pain during sex around the perineum, vaping cannabis got rid of that. Then the pain became more internal, especially certain spots that are especially tender and can make me jolt from the pain. The pain is from tailbone and pelvic issues, my tendons and muscles are sore, especially close to mensuration. It can hurt to be seated for too long and going to the bathroom can be excruciating during a flare up.

Needless to say, sex can be challenging but the edibles were a game changer. I just didn’t feel that pain nearly as strong, it was different. Things were more relaxed and it felt good.

It’s not just about pain, edibles are different than inhaling, they don’t go to your head as much, it’s felt mostly in the body, making sex a much more heightened, sensual experience.

Wait, before you run out to buy an edible…

5mg that’s all I took, that’s all I needed. Just enough to relax, not enough to feel any negative side effects from THC. However I use cannabis regularly, starting out 5 mg is the recommended dose however you might want to try even less to start, like 3 mg.

When you buy edibles each package contains no more than 10mg. So if you buy a chocolate bar, you’ll get around 5 squares with 2mg each. Or you’ll get a box of truffles with 4- 2.5mg chocolates or gummies. Or a package of 2-5mg cookies, so you’ll have some options for low dose THC. I can’t stress this enough when it comes to edibles- start low and go slow.

Take CBD! I always recommend taking at least 20mg or CBD when you take an edible, this helps with the side effects of THC. CBD and THC work beautifully together.

Prepare your setting

Take the edible around 1 to 2 hours before you plan to have sex as that’s how long it takes for it to fully kick in. Edibles last for about 4 to 8 hours depending on how much you ingested, higher amounts last longer. Edibles peak between 2 to 3 hours after taking them however some forms of edibles may work faster.

Have a nice bath, light candles in your room, plan to give each other a massage with relaxing music, all of these things will heighten your experience and help you relax.

edibles for sex

Can you drink wine with cannabis?

Those of you who enjoy a glass of wine, especially around sex might wonder if it’s safe to enjoy both. It’s not recommended to drink alcohol and use cannabis at the same time, especially when you don’t have much experience with cannabis. However, after the edibles have fully kicked in, at least 2 hours after you take them- and you feel good, you can try a small glass of wine. The cannabis will bring out the flavours of the wine, just be careful how much you drink as they don’t mix well.

Does trying cannabis make you feel nervous?

Don’t feel intimidated by cannabis. There’s been a lot of fear mongering around this beautiful plant and all of that chatter can make you feel anxious about trying it, however there’s nothing to fear. Cannabis, when used in lower doses will only have a mild, pleasant effect. Some of you may not react well to THC even in small doses, this can happen. I recommend trying an edible on your own to see how it makes you feel before you try it for sex. If you feel overwhelmed by the choices and aren’t sure what’s best for you, let me be your Cannabis Experience Guide and I can help you with the process.

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