Best Edibles

Best Edibles

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the 6 best edibles currently on the market, along with the occasions they’re perfect for. By the end, you will know exactly which edibles are right for you and when you should pull each out, from the weekends to the holidays and all the time in between.More than ever before, the best marijuana edibles are enjoyable not only because of the cannabis baked into them but because they are delicious in their own right.

Top cannabis industry professionals have devoted themselves to creating marijuana edibles that will delight any palate, sure to leave you craving more – just as soon as you come back down. Just as there are certain beverages that are best for every situation and occasion, though, there are certain weed desserts that are best too.

There are so many THC edibles out there, in fact, that it helps to categorize the top ones according to the times of the year and even the times of the week that they will fit your life best.

Once you have chosen the sweet edibles that are suitable for every occasion, you can always show up prepared, knowing that you have figured out what is going to add to the fun and how you can complement your good times with a little something tasty for yourself and all of your friends.

At a glance, it may seem like there are so many wonderful cannabis edibles and THC edibles on the market that it is impossible to sift through them all and figure out which ones match your tastes and preferences. While you should try all of the recreational edibles you can find and see which ones you like, that takes time.

To save you some of that effort, for now at least, we at The Lodge have gone to the trouble for you, creating a list of the 6 best edibles and the occasions they’re perfect for. Remember that you can always drop in and visit us at The Lodge as well, browsing our extensive collection and seeing what pops out at you.

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Dried Fruit – Best Edibles for a Night or Day Watching TV

When you are lounging around on your couch and taking it easy, you want something that is going to nourish your body and mind, getting you ready to hop back into your life. We all take a rest day from time to time, turning on the TV and binge-watching whatever comes up.

The longer we can sit still, we tell ourselves, the more rejuvenated we are going to be.

The best addition to this type of night or day? You need some dried fruit for yourself. Some of the best edibles contain no added sugar, simply combining all of the natural sweetness of fruit with all of the dank sweetness of great cannabis.

At The Lodge, we stock Dried Fruit by Forbidden Fruit, and we can always vouch that these recreational edibles are as wholesome as they are powerful.

Crispies – Best Edibles for a Party

There is always a different dynamic when you head out to a party. Whether you are playing host or simply showing up as a guest, you want to know that you are getting the atmosphere and the vibe exactly right.

All of the people around you, the energy flowing between you, you want to feel sure that everything feels like a party. Nothing gets the party feeling right like a fistful crunching, snapping crispies. You chow down on them, picking them up in bunches in your hand, and there is no doubt that they are party snacks.

Crispies have become popular THC edibles because they fit the upbeat, party atmosphere so well. For the best weed edible crispies, you need to try Crispies/Baked Goods by Chaos, which are currently available at The Lodge.

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Kanha Nano Cran-Pomegranate Punch Gummies

Los Angeles-based Kanha holds their own in the pantheon of infused sweets with their cran-pomegranate punch gummies, energizing edibles that are sweet and gumdrop-ish in texture. This line utilizes a patented nanomolecular technology, which I can only assume involves the transmitter that shrinks Mike Teavee in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The payoff of having a “nano” gummie is that it has a quicker onset of effects than your average edible of the same dosage, so instead of having to wait 30-40 minutes to begin feeling blissed out, Kanha approximately cuts that time in half. Pop one and in no time you’ll be relaxing more than that “bed-ridden” grifter Grandpa Joe.

Coda Signature Burnt Caramel Chocolate Truffles

If you’re trying to picture the type of edibles that would find their way into swanky Oscar nominee swag bags, you’re thinking of Coda Signature’s truffles. The haute truffles are trippily hand-painted and the latest flavor is filled with rich and smooth burnt caramel with a hint of smokiness and a dusting of English Maldon sea salt. Some of you who think luxury and cannabis can’t coincide haven’t had the pleasure of eating a weed truffle and ripping a ceramic Chongo bong, and IT SHOWS.

Kikoko Mint Green Positivi-Tea

Kikoko is a women-founded, women-run botanical wellness company that puts out one of the top-selling infused beverages on the market. Formulated to address specific ailments, Kikoko’s offerings include Tranquili-Tea for insomnia, Sympa-Tea for pain relief, Sensuali-Tea to enhance sex, and a brisk minty Positivi-Tea for mood elevation. Taken with one of their antioxidant HoneyShots, it’s an idyllic option for a high tea gathering complete with scones, finger sandwiches, and some cheddar cheese Combos.

Kin Slips Cloud Buster Sublingual Strips

Discretion and fast activation are a top draw for Kin Slips citrusy sublingual strips—taken under the tongue not unlike Listerine breath strips. The case for Kin Slips over some other forms of cannabis edibles is that they’re fast acting, precisely dosed (as each strip is homogenous and pre-cut to an exact dosage), and they’re zero-calorie, sugar-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

The paper-thin packets make for a travel-friendly edible that can easily be stashed in a purse, pocket, or wallet. While there is full product and dosing information on the main packaging, there’s no reference to cannabis or THC on the individually-packaged slips, so any nosy narcs who happen upon your stash will be none-the-wiser.

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    I’m halfway through my Kanha Nano Gummies Sativa bag and they’re awesome. The 5s are as strong as some other 10s I’ve had in the past from other brands… going to open the indica ones next

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