Best cannabis for sex

Best cannabis for sex

“What’s the best flower strain for sex?” I get this question all the time. It’s a great query that only has one completely accurate answer: it depends. There are many factors to consider when pairing a strain with sexual activity:

  • What kind of sex are you going for? (Solo, partnered, slow lovemaking, frenzied lust, etc.)
  • How does your body react to different strains?
  • What method of consumption are you using? (I’ve found combusted flower affects me differently than vaped flower)

Here are some strains I personally enjoy with certain sexual situations. These recommendations are general guidelines based on what has worked with my body chemistry and tolerance, so keep in mind that your experience may vary somewhat. Also, for the purposes of this overview, I’m smoking flower, not vaping.

For Sexy Solo Time: GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies)

This gets top billing for two reasons: first, masturbation is awesome and legitimately good for you. Second, you can’t always have partnered sex due to factors beyond your control –time, distance, opportunity, etc. — but you can always make time for self-loving.

GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) is great for solo sex because it’s creative and euphoric, which helps enrich fantasies to make them more vivid. A method I’ve found super effective is to take a few hits of GSC, pull out my phone and start reading erotica, and once I’m sufficiently turned on (which doesn’t take long with this strain), the phone goes away and my imagination takes over. Every detail in my imagined scenario is so vivid it’s almost tangible.

You may not always have time to orgasm, but that doesn’t need to be the goal. Instead, you can aim for simply pleasure, which can be enjoyed for as little as seconds at a time.

For Slow, Passionate Lovemaking: Bubblegum Kush

The first time I smoked with my lover B, we tried Bubblegum Kush in a pipe. Its heady high gave me a sensual buzz and increased my need for touch. As we laid down in bed together, I instantly noticed my body’s increased responsiveness to his touch. I’m extra sensitive to tactile stimulation when high, and as he massaged my body, I could feel myself getting much more aroused than usual. I’ll spare you the explicit details, but suffice to say it was incredibly intimate with a lot of eye gazing and loving epithets.

Bubblegum Kush also got me closer to a relaxed orgasm, as opposed to the tension-fueled, toe-curling orgasms that many people experience. Neither is better than the other, but the latter requires a lot of muscle clenching, which can cause cramping or fatigue. A relaxed orgasm is more of a peaceful experience where it just washes over you, and I found that with Bubblegum Kush, I didn’t experience as much tension.

For Frenzied, Lustful Sex: Sour Diesel

I can’t leave Sour Diesel out of this list because it’s such a popular strain, and several of my partners love it for sex. For my own body chemistry, I’ve found that it can produce anxiety if I’m not careful.

That said, sex has become my lifehack for Sour Diesel. I get a rush of excited energy after smoking this strain, which can be mindfully directed into some seriously intense “keep-going-and-don’t-stop” sex. It’s the type of sex where you crave the other person with an almost insatiable desire, where you can feel your heart pounding and your skin getting flushed and every touch is electrified. It’s a great feeling, and a high-energy strain like Sour Diesel only serves to augment it.

For Morning Sex: Harlequin

If you’re a person with a typical 9-5 job, you may not be able to get super baked before work. At the same time, lots of people love morning sex as a way to start the day off on a positive note. What to do if you want to combine them?

Enter Harlequin, a high CBD strain known for its relaxing, pain-relieving, and clear-headed effects. When I use this strain for morning sex, I feel present and grounded. It helps me focus on the experience I’m having and not the day’s to-do list. This combo is way better than coffee to get your day started.

For Creative, Kinky Sex: Jillybean

Jillybean is highly creative, uplifting, and euphoric, which makes it easier to incorporate new and interesting things into your sexual menu. You may be inspired to try new performances like roleplay or dirty talk. Or perhaps Jillybean gave you a confidence boost to try on that hot little red garment that’s been teasing you from the back of your closet. Maybe you’ve gotten a confidence boost to ask your partner to try something new. Whatever your kink, Jillybean is a good complement.

What are your favorite strains for these kinds of sex, or other types of sex that you enjoy? Share your recommendations in the comments!

It’s no secret that a dash of weed will spice things up in the bedroom. In recent years, the legal market has been awash with topicals, suppositories, and tinctures aimed at doing just that. But while these products are great — and work very, very well — puffing on a pre-roll or taking a bong hit of some spicy flower can be just as effective when it’s time to get down. 

However booming the canna-sexual market may be, it seems to be devoid of any smokable sex aids. While something is working with smoking pot before (or even during) a sexual experience, there is little data on what kind of flower lends itself best to enhance sexual pleasure. 

When it comes to sex and using flower, are there strains that specifically heighten arousal? Or, when it comes to sex, is all weed created equal? Is there such a thing as a “viagra strain” to kickstart your sex life?

So many strains claiming to enhance female arousal and male arousal with names like Atomic Northern Lights tend to be touted as”sure things” for the bedroom, but they can be intimidating, confusing, and just downright mood-killing when they don’t work, or worse, trap you in your own head.

Your sexual journey is personal, intimate, and determined by how the plant’s chemical makeup of terpenes and cannabinoids react with your individual endocannabinoid system, as well as how you react with your surroundings. So, we spoke to some of the experts behind the canna-sexual uprising that’s rocking the weed world and bedrooms alike. 

While there’s no single strain that’s guaranteed to get you off, here are a few of their favorites and recommendations. 


“There is no such thing as the perfect strain for all…yet,” explained cannabis expert Jaron Gladstone, co-founder of CBCeuticals. “Think of shopping for condoms or toys. Often, you will find a variety of shapes and sizes to appease everyone’s interests. This tends to be — in part — due to the nature of our bodies each being psychologically and mentally unique. Answering the question of what cannabis strain is best is relative to what you like, what you need, and what the situation calls for.” 

While Gladstone’s personal go-tos are Tangie, Original Glue, and Bruce Banner, his favorite is Mimosa, a cross between Purple Punch and Clementine with high levels of the terpene limonene, known for its bright and uplifting effects, and myrcene, known for promoting calm and relaxation. 

“Mimosa is the crown jewel, if you can find it,” he raved. “Think of the Mimosa as doing spin art during Sunday brunch. It throws in a little energy, a little pep in your step, and takes all worries away, leaving you happy-go-lucky, euphoric, and free from anxiety.” 

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