Cannabis vacations

Cannabis vacations

Marijuana Hotels Across the World

The barriers against cannabis are breaking down across the world. Progressive communities are becoming legal havens for marijuana users who are enjoying personal freedom like never before. Cannabis tourism is no longer simply a fringe industry—it’s a fully developed trade for travelers and businesses keeping in step with changing times.

But finding cannabis-friendly places to stay can still be a challenge for domestic and international travelers. Even with the advance of legalization, those on vacation often have to partake away from their lodgings, in secret or inconvenient places. 

Bud and Breakfast is a comprehensive website that links cannabis-using tourists together with sympathetic hotels, inns, residences, and resorts. We search the entire world to find accommodations where travelers can enjoy marijuana use without fear or unreasonable restriction.

Our simple, straightforward booking service removes all the guesswork for travel customers and finds 420 friendly rentals with all the comforts and amenities of top-rated and popular hotels. The Bud and Breakfast community covers in-demand destinations across the world, whether you’re traveling to a 24-hour city, a peaceful lake resort, a spectacular mountain range, or a quiet rural cottage.

When you book with Bud and Breakfast, you’ll get clean, comfortable and convenient accommodations that will truly let you relax however you please. We’re the web’s most complete resource for marijuana hotels, and we’re committed to making it easy to find quality homes away from home for the modern traveler.

This article is sponsored by Bud And Breakfast, the world leader in cannabis vacation rentals with properties in Uruguay, Jamaica, Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and many other places. Cannabis hotels, vacation rentals, and rooms can all be listed for free, providing access to the premium cannabis vacation rental market. Bud And Breakfast synchronizes with Lodgix, myallocator, and other property management software for easier calendar management. Through Everbooked, a provider of demand-based price data, guest rates can automatically adjust for higher returns. List your short-term rental accommodations and start earning today!

As cannabis legalization continues to spread across the globe, a new type of traveling has been gaining momentum: cannabis travel destinations, where you can get in some much-needed rest and relaxation time without giving up your green. Cannabis-friendly booking places (such as Bud And Breakfast) have been popping up to provide everything you could possibly need for your cannabis-inclusive vacation, from picturesque views to rental hosts that supply you with the buds you need to supplement your stay.

cannabis vacations

What’s the Appeal of a Cannabis Vacation Rental?

You might think the benefits of booking a cannabis travel spot through Bud And Breakfast don’t extend beyond “You get to consume cannabis while on vacation,” but there are many logistical perks to having cannabis experts help book your trip:

Cannabis Can Be Provided by Your Host

Many cannabis-friendly hosts offer guests a twist on the “chocolate left on your pillow” welcome gift by leaving a joint on your pillow, encouraging you to sample a cannabis-infused edible, or offering a “4:20 happy hour” in locations where laws allow for the gifting of marijuana to legal adults (Jamaica, Uruguay, Alaska, Colorado, and other jurisdictions). In fact, because hosts often receive marijuana products from guests who can’t leave the state with their extra inventory, they often “pay it forward” by sharing it with new guests who check in. Talk about a fantastic recycling program!

Safety is Top of Mind

The physical location of the property you’re interested in booking is masked, vaguely indicated only by a large blue colored circle superimposed on the map that provides a general location of the property. Guests are only informed of the host’s address after the purchase is complete, meaning your tranquil getaway stays discreet.

Here are five beautiful and diverse marijuana vacation destinations that each offer an opportunity to get away from it all without forcing you to take a break from your cannabis. Whether you’re looking to splurge on a beautiful retreat or you’re looking for a budget-friendly getaway, you’ll be staying in style and absolute comfort in the most cannabis-friendly locations.

cannabis vacations

International Cannabis Vacation Rentals

Brush off your passport and pack your sunblock for these gorgeous international locations that offer both culture and cannabis!


Uruguay legalized the use and possession of cannabis in 2014 and legal cannabis cultivation is thriving now, so what better vacation destination than the only country that’s fully legalized recreational marijuana?


Casa Stefano is just steps from Oceania del Polonio and offers a sweeping view of the sea. The rental offers a rustic Italian design and elegant amenities, featuring two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and kitchen along with a fireplace and a gorgeous, spacious deck. It’s a perfect setting for watching the day fade into the sunset with a joint in one hand and your partner’s hand in the other.

Private retreat in maine 

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a mansion, while enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside, Maine Greenyards is for you. The private retreat in Auburn, Maine, features spacious suites with large common areas for guests to enjoy complimentary, homegrown cannabis. 

The destination features a heated indoor pool and hot tub with 24/7 access, along with a home theater, board games, and socializing opportunities. Take a walk or hike along the Androscoggin River, visit a nearby brewery or restaurant, or have a driver take you downtown, which is just a few minutes away from the mid-century mansion.

Note that smoking in public is illegal in Maine. Marijuana consumption in Maine can only take place on a private property, which Maine Greenyards is. Adults may have up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and marijuana concentrate. Driving while intoxicated is illegal in all New England states.

Immersive Cannabis art museum

Visit the world’s first and only interactive cannabis-themed museum, Cannabition Cannabis Museum in Las Vegas. The 10,500-square foot “weed wonderland” features more than 20 cannabis-inspired art installations on the history and culture of medical and recreational cannabis. 

Located in Planet 13, the Instgram-friendly art museum is open seven days a week and is open to those aged 21 and older. Please note, the attraction is temporarily closed, but scheduled to reopen later this year.

Currently, Las Vegas residents and visitors can possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis and are only allowed to consume cannabis at a private residence. Consume your cannabis before you get a ride to the museum.

Goddess Getaway

Glowing Goddess is a tribe that comes together regularly to celebrate cannabis and each other, through cannabis weekend retreats. The members-only social club curates women-only cannabis vacations around the globe, where attendees can make new friends while camping and cooking together in the outdoors. There are classes, workshops, activities like yoga and drum circles, and exhibits throughout each weekend. Plus, unlimited cannabis access is always included. 

In 2020, there are getaways planned in Massachusetts, Colorado, Illinois, Canada, Las Vegas, and Southern California. Each retreat is held at a private residence, with organizers following all relevant local laws.

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