Bubblegum Hybrid

The Bubblegum Hybrid is a crossbred strain with a creative and euphoric high. It has undertones of Bubblegum Hybrid, as well as subtle hints of sweets and fruit. It’s also high in THC but low in CBD, making it ideal for recreational use rather than medical treatment.

The aromatic and sweet Bubblegum Hybrid strain was bred in Indiana, but it evolved over time as different phenotypes of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain were created and perfected first in New England, then the Netherlands. The process took many generations to complete, but it was well worth it, with the Bubblegum Hybrid strain winning a slew of awards as a result.

The Bubblegum Hybrid strain won two trophies at the Cannabis Cup in 1994, then took second place twice more at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995. Another indication of this variety’ excellence was its victory at the Spannabis Cannabis Champion’s Cup in 2005, when again the Bubblegum Hybrid shade claimed first prize. A second-place finish at the same competition a year later demonstrated that this hybrid was one of the finest available at that time.

What Is the Bubblegum Hybrid Strain?

In 1993, TH Seeds released the Bubblegum Hybrid strain as the firm’s first contribution to the marijuana industry. It became evident that it had been a success for them since it won so many accolades. The Bubblegum Hybrid, according to TH Seeds, is an indica-dominant hybrid.

The indica side of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain will leave you feeling completely tranquil and drowsy. This cannabis variety is recognized for keeping you glued to the sofa, which isn’t a problem if all you want to do is sit and veg out. If you have to conduct any important tasks while high, this strain is not suggested!

The indica component of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain will leave you feeling really calm, to the point that you may become too comfortable.

The Bubblegum Hybrid is made up of the legendary Bubblegum and White Widow, two strains that are renowned for their euphoric and uplifting effects. Because to its capacity to raise one’s spirits as well as provide a sense of profound calm, it’s excellent for nighttime usage. Users of this strain claim that they become considerably more creative as a result of its use, making it an appealing choice for artists in need of a shot of creativity.


Although the scent of Bubblegum Hybrid has been compared to that of Bubblegum Hybrid, you’re correct in assuming it has a pleasant fragrance. Its delectable aroma is reminiscent of sweets with a floral and sweet undertone, but it also has a little more dankness to it.


Fortunately, the Bubblegum Hybrid strain has an equally delicious flavor and fragrance. The creamy and berry notes complement each other to form a sensory delight. The delectable taste as well as its pleasant aroma are just two of the many reasons why this cannabis plant’s popularity has grown in the cannabis community.


The breeders at SOG Seeds have dubbed a Bubblegum Hybrid plant “soldier-like,” and imagine a soldier standing straight and rigid with his arms crossed against his body to get an idea of how it looks. This plant can grow to be 120cm to 160cm tall. This colorful pistils are bright orange, which add another splash of color to the already vibrant flower.

Bubblegum Hybrid Strain Grow Info

The Sea of Green Technique works well for the Bubblegum Hybrid strain. This plant may be cultivated both indoors and outside, but because to its high mold and rot resistance, it is especially vulnerable to mold and decay if grown outdoors in a dry, warm, and sunny environment. If grown in an outdoor garden under these conditions

When cultivated outside, this plant flourishes in a dry, warm, and sunny climate.

The Bubblegum Hybrid plant thrives on a wide range of macronutrients. The Flowering period for the Bubblegum Hybrid strain is between 8 and 9 weeks, with mid-to-late October being the finest month to harvest outdoors.

Bubblegum Hybrids grown in CO2 canisters and utilizing the SOG technique may yield an average of 350-400 grams per square meter, with a potential for 600 grams per square meter if other strains are used. THC seeds also propose combining the Bubblegum Hybrid strain with other strains to improve yields.

The Bubblegum Hybrid strain is a cross between the OG Kush and the Bubba Kush, with an THC content of 19 percent. The THC concentration in samples of the Bubblegum Hybrid variety containing the Bubblegum Hybrid variety was 19 percent, according to analyses. This plant’s typical range for THC is 13 to 17.5 percent. The CBD content of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain is 0.10 percent, which makes it one of

Medical Benefits of the Bubblegum Hybrid Strain

Bubblegum Hybrid is not simply a great recreational strain, but it also has several medical applications for medicinal cannabis users. The powerful relaxing effects of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain make it an excellent way to unwind and relax after a long and stressful day.

The relaxing smoke of the Bubblegum Hybrid smells delicious and blends in nicely with other cannabis plants. It also has a deep body-melt effect, making it perfect for treating severe problems like arthritis, muscular, and lower back discomfort. The Bubblegum Hybrid strain is beneficial for insomnia because the sativa effects may cause you to nod off after they’ve worn off.

The uplifting effects of the Bubblegum Hybrid strain include a euphoric sensation and an increase in mood. As a result, medicinal cannabis users who suffer from mood problems such as sadness or worry will feel better, albeit only momentarily, owing to the disease’s unpleasant symptoms.

Possible Side Effects of the Bubblegum Hybrid Strain

The Bubblegum Hybrid strain’s most noticeable side effect is its ability to keep individuals glued to the couch. While it isn’t an issue for some, for others, particularly those who have never experienced it or weren’t expecting it, it might be irritating.

The most typical and less severe cannabis side effects, such as a dry mouth and eyes, are common with smoking cannabis. Some novice users after smoking the Bubblegum Hybrid strain reported feeling dizzy or psychotic or having a little headache. Cannabis smokers who smoke stronger varieties of marijuana without overdoing it should have no problems using Bubblegum Hybrid marijuana.

Final Thoughts

The Bubblegum Hybrid strain is ideal for both recreational and medical cannabis smokers. This strain is fantastic for unwinding at the end of the day, especially if you work long hours. Its stimulating and deeply relaxing effects might help medicinal cannabis patients relax.

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