Best Strains Of Weed Vaughan

Best Strains Of Weed Vaughan

For many years, weed connoisseurs have passionately debated which strains offer the best experience. To shed some light on this conversation, we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of the most renowned and revered marijuana varieties from across the globe. We are thrilled to share our top ten selections that could possibly be the finest cannabis Vaughan available! After more than a decade in medical cannabis sales, it was only natural for us to evaluate what are arguably considered as some of history’s greatest pot types; all featured here for your review!

As more and more strains of cannabis Vaughan emerge, it can be difficult to keep track. But by combining certain heredity factors, some growers are now producing truly delicious crops that come with an intense high!

With such a vast selection of available strains of cannabis Vaughan, it is often difficult to find the one that best suits your endocannabinoid system. Fortunately, this has created an exciting journey for many individuals who are determined in their search; with over 1500 documented varieties and more being crafted each day–like Thai Stick—it’s no surprise why finding the perfect strain has become its own unique experience!

After a thorough review of every minute detail, we came up with this comprehensive list. If you found our essay to be helpful, please generate your own compilation and share it with friends who might benefit from the valuable information!

What Are the Best Strains of cannabis Vaughan?

Don’t worry about conducting research – we’ve done it for you! We present to you the greatest strains of cannabis Vaughan has ever seen. Our crew scoured through so many options and selected only those that exceeded expectations. While some may think nothing beats a good cannabis plant, others have their own opinions on this matter. Regardless, our top picks promise not to disappoint!

Although you might have encountered a more impressive strain of plant elsewhere, we are confident our selection surpasses all expectations. We understand there may be distinct qualities to other varieties, however whatever it is that you need, ours can provide for it.

What makes a weed strain great?

While we could hardly imagine anyone who has tried each and every kind of cannabis, sampling all the strains available in Vaughan is also a seemingly impossible feat. After all, there are those with vastly different sentiments concerning THC; while some consider it to be perhaps the most noteworthy molecule on Earth, others may have reservations about its effects.

Our recent analysis on the best cannabis strains ever created uncovered many of your preferred varieties and some unexpected ones that you can now find at any local dispensary.

Most Popular cannabis Vaughan

Green Crack

The Green Crack strain of cannabis comes from its intensely euphoric “crack-like” high. It is said that American rap star Snoop Dogg was the first to give this potent blend its name, a combination of Skunk #1 and Afghani landrace strains created the sativa-dominant hybrid with an unmatched power.

Green Crack will truly astound you with its delightful smoke, amazing flavor, and potent impact. This strain even earned the Best Sativa award at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015! Green Crack has a minimum of 20% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), so prepare for an extraordinary experience. In addition to that, it gives off citrusy and skunky notes accompanied by subtle hints of mango.

Lemon Cake

Among other superior strains, Lemon Cake stands out with its light sativa dominance and remarkable flavor profile of sweetness, lemoniness, as well as cheesecake-like undertones. Cannabis users in Vaughan favor this strain to use during the day time due to its high THC concentration – 24 percent – that gives powerful effects such as energy boost. Its thick layer of resinous trichomes make it perfect for those wanting a creative activity like baking!

Strawberry Cheesecake

Boasting stunningly vibrant flowers and a distinguished heritage, Strawberry Cheesecake is an extraordinary hybrid of Cheese, Chronic, and White Widow that predominantly comprises indica strains. As such it can be immensely calming for those struggling with physical discomforts while also boosting moods significantly. On the other hand, Skywalker OG achieves equilibrium between its sativa-to-indica ratio so it’s ideal for both first time smokers as well as more experienced users due to its maximum THC content of 20%. Described by many as tasting like berries complemented by hints of vanilla creaminess – this delectable strain should not be missed!

Northern Lights

Boasting unparalleled popularity, Northern Lights takes the crown for being the most renowned strain of marijuana. A hybrid cross between Afghan and Thai landrace plants; this indica-dominant creation is ideal for evening use as it has both mental and physical advantages. As you open its jar, a potent spicy scent fills your senses while each smooth breath packs tremendous strength! Medicinal consumers rely on Northern Lights to alleviate anxiety, pain, sleeplessness and stress.

Sour Tangie

Sour Tangie EXCEPT boasts the most revitalizing and invigorating citrus aroma, making it one of the greatest strains ever created by DNA Genetics. This balanced sativa-dominant hybrid instantly lifts your spirits with its energizing buzz that will recharge you for whatever life throws at you! Plus, its lemon-orange scent is as uplifting to your senses as it is inspiring for your creativity.


If you’re seeking a powerful cannabis strain that delivers both relaxation and energy, Trainwreck should be at the top of your list. Originating in Northern California, it’s swiftly grown popular among Bay Area residents due to its vibrant citrus/lemon taste with a bit of spice and woody flavor. Like other strains, this one offers an ecstatic high that is joyous and amusing. With reasonable THC levels, almost anyone can enjoy it without risk of adverse effects or paranoia. Not only is Trainwreck terrific for recreational use but many people also rely on it to help manage their symptoms related to arthritis pain, headaches, PTSD or general stress relief.


GMO is the result of a remarkable “genetic modification” that has resulted in an exceptionally potent cannabis strain. Its parent strains, Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies, have combined to create this amazing hybrid known as Garlic Cookies or GMO Cookies. Upon inhaling its pungent coffee-garlic aroma you will quickly be taken aback by its strong effects that are perfectly suited for unwinding at night – offering relaxed indica vibes after a long day. Guaranteeing comfort, this strain contains a THC content of over 20%, offering unbeatable relief.

Best Sativa Cannabis Vaughan

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is an iconic marijuana strain for its overwhelming Sativa dominance, and it was aptly named after Jack Herer, who devoted his life to fighting for the legalization of cannabis across the globe.

Sensi Seeds created a legendary strain, the Jack Herer. It’s known for its elevated THC content and is derived from crossing Landrace with Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk – resulting in an extraordinary blend of more than 20% THC! Terpinolene, caryophyllene, and myrcene form the terpenes basis of this sensational bud.

Sour Diesel

For all the Sativa aficionados out there, Sour Diesel is here to make its mark. Though uncertain as to who initially developed this strain, it’s known that it was formed by a blend of Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze. This merger produces an incredible potency – some batches have even been reported with THC levels up to 21%! Don’t let these high numbers fool you; sour diesel packs quite the punch and should be approached with caution. Sour Diesel is the go-to strain to get you through a busy day with an energy boost. However, be warned–taking this at night will keep you up for hours! The fragrant terpene profiles containing caryophyllene, limonene and humulene also bring delightful aromas into your life.

Best Cannabis Strains of Our Lifetime

There is a distinct narrative and history behind each mother plant. It’s unlikely that any individual can try every type of cannabis, which could be intimidating for even the most seasoned smokers.

All the Weed Strains for All the Feels

With the innumerable cannabis Vaughan strains out there, it may be daunting for those who are not frequent users to pick one. Some of them have humorous names, such as Alaskan ThunderF**k or Cat’s Piss – which might make you giggle! The imaginative nomenclature of some cannabis strains may imply more extreme experiences. Some users assert that these varieties can take them on a mental journey to different parts of their consciousness. The world of marijuana is enthralling and potentially perilous, so make sure you exercise caution as you embark upon this exciting exploration! After all, there’s seemingly a strain for every emotion – whether it be fatigue, joyfulness or misery – making your choice something personal and unique!

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