Best presents for stoners

Best presents for stoners

Finding the right gift for a loved one who has a more commercial hobby (cooking, crafting, reading) can be overwhelming enough. But if that loved one enjoys partaking in something more uncommon, like cannabis, and you do not want to partake, the task can be quite difficult. Below there are suggestions, which range from combustible floral arrangements to an edible-making machine, and a display-worthy water pipe.

Premium Grinder

If you know a stoner who likes to vape or roll big cones or even skinny little New York joints, then they’ll need a primo grinder like this one. It grinds the kind down into a fine, manageable size that’s perfect for storage or immediate use.

The Frost Pipe

How cool is this pipe? This pipe is ice cold. Or as Andre from Outkast might say, its colder than a polar bear’s toenails. This amazing kit gives stoners a way to make a pipe out of ice. That’s right—a pipe that will deliver a nice cool toke every time. And the evidence? What evidence? You mean that puddle of water?

Baked Blvd.

This road sign lets you know exactly where you are: in a stoner’s room. Right at the corner of Baked Boulevard and The High Road. What once was the sole purview of rebellious teenagers is now available to everyone, now that pot is legal in four states.

Tardis Vape Sticker

Not all stoners are Dr. Who fans and not all Dr. Who fans are stoners, but one thing is certain: every single stoner would love to have a time machine. Because, like wow, dude—imagine if you could go back in time and talk to Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock?

London Donovan CBD Pen

London Donovan CBD Isolate vape pen contains Lab Tested 150mg of CBD Isolate, 85mg MCT Oil with 15mg Organic Terpenes added. These devices are not old wick technology. They contain a porous ceramic coil which allows for a clean burn, great taste and big hits! You can quickly get rid of feelings of fear and depression after using this substance. Anxiety and insomnia are suppressed rapidly, allowing you to fall asleep and abstract from all external factors. CBD Isolate Vape Pen relieves pain, nausea, and discomfort in the stomach. No genetically modified weeds and harmful impurities. It’s a pure product only.

Travel Vape Case

Good vapes are expensive. You can’t just throw them in a toiletry bag or in a suitcase. You need a real case to keep that prime vape safe and ready for use when you reach your destination. This case is endorsed by the big weed daddy Snoop Dogg himself, and has compartments for your oils, pen vapes, and all stoner needs.

Honey Hemp Shampoo

Stoners can smoke it, they can eat it, they can wear clothes made out of it, and they can also wash their hair with it. Make this honey hemp shampoo for the stoner in your life so they can go all the way with their hemp love. This easy twelve step tutorial won’t take long to make, but it will last your stoner friend for months.

Frigg Attuning Hair Potion For Healthier Scalps/Stronger Hair

Two of our enthusiasts say Frigg’s hair “potion,” which includes cannabidiol oil in its formula, would make a thoughtful gift for anyone looking to bring the purported calming effects of CBD to their scalp. “It relieves itchiness and soothes my head, which apparently I’ve been neglecting my whole life,” promises Besito founder and CEO Maggie Connors, who calls Frigg founder Kimberly Dillon “a plant genius.” Pride also is a fan, telling us the potion “revitalizes dry strands, calms itchy scalps, and helps stimulate hair follicles for thicker hair.”

Chewy Fudge Brownies

Like Shaggy and Scooby, chewy fudge brownies are what stoners want. They really, really want them. They’d even chase ghosts, monsters, and villains around the world for one single Scooby Snack—oops, we meant one fudge brownie. But you better give them a whole batch.

Koala Puffs Monthly Box

Hashley told us about this subscription service that sends boxes “packed with an assortment of high-quality cannabis accessories for any enthusiasts who want to collect all the right tools.” If the monthly fee of $75 seems steep, she promises that “the affordability is amazing compared to the overall value range of each box because there’s always a high-end item that any stoner would be happy to show off.” This November’s box, for example, includes a glass bong, stash jar, hemp grinder, raw cones, clipper lighter, odor-eliminating spray, and more.

The Gas Mask

There’s no hiding the goal of this device: get the stoner as quickly as possible to his or her favorite destination. Let’s be real: it’s called a tobacco mask, but just one look and we can all see what’s going on. It’s a bong attached to a gas mask. We’re not sayin, we’re just sayin.

Pax II Vaporizer

Vaping is sweeping the nation. Vape shops almost outnumber old school head shops. People vape their tobacco in restaurants, their weed in states where it’s legal, and designer concoctions that skirt the boundaries of what’s legal and what’s not. The Pax 2 is internationally recognized as the top-shelf vaporizer out there.

Water Pipe Travel Case

When you spend over a hundred dollars and a glass bong—or water pipe, as some would prefer to call them—you need a safe case if you want to take it on the road. This padded, hard shell case is designed to hold a twelve inch glass water pipe and keep it safe and sound no matter how far the stoner may roam.

Stash Can

A blast from the past! Remember your friend who used to make these out of coke cans back in the day? Won’t admit it, huh? Or maybe you forgot—what happened to those memory cells? Have to look into that. This one is tailor made from an Arizona Ice Tea can, ready to hide the stash in plain sight.

The Cosmic Pipe

This beautiful glass pipe is hand-blown and features a beautiful picture of galactic stars. You can choose whether the stoner of choice gets to look at Earth, Pluto, or the Moon. Whichever you decide, the toke will be smooth and the experience will be out of this world.

RayBan Wraparounds

These shades make anyone look cool. Wear them with a business suit, a track suit, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, or with a baseball cap turned backwards. They’re really that versatile, and they never go out of style. Best of all? They hide those red stoner eyes.

A Snuggie

If you have to ask why you’d give a stoner a Snuggie, there are only two explanations: one, you’ve never really known a stoner, and two, you’ve never been a stoner yourself. Both are okay, though. As long as you believe us when we say that Snuggies and stoners go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Vintage Adidas Tracksuit

The Adidas Track Suit defines cool. It’s the ultimate in loungewear. It’s pimpin, ballin’, and just straight up being cool. If ballin’ is not your stoner’s thing, just tell them to check the record. Everyone from Bob Marley to Fidel Castro has been photographed in a swank set of Adidas.

Lava Lamp

Bring your favorite stoner back the psychedelic 60s with this perfect gift: an authentic lava lamp. These babies have been making stoners go “wow” for decades, and nowadays things are no different. A happy stoner can partake, then lay back and watch the colors as long as they feel the vibe.

The 420 Goodie Box

You’ve heard of whiskey of the month clubs, micro-brew of the month clubs, dinner of the month clubs, so it should be no surprise there’s a monthly club for stoners. This club won’t deliver the weed itself, because that’s illegal, but it will deliver goodies once a month to keep any stoner giggling with delight.

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